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February 2 - 4

GroundUp Music Festival

The GroundUp Music Festival is unlike any music festival you’ve been to. As opposed to many festivals, where attendees fight crowds to get a far-off glimpse of an artist they’ll likely never meet, GroundUp is intensely personal. The festival is a place where you might find yourself on a hammock in a palm grove next to a beloved musician, or dancing on the beach at an impromptu jam session by a favorite band. And, rather than performances only, GroundUp offers people the unmatched opportunity to take masterclasses from the artists they’ve just seen perform.

What the Festival Is All About

GroundUp will be held at the intimate Miami Beach Bandshell in Miami Beach from February 2-4, 2024. With just over 1,800 tickets sold each for day of the festival, it ensures that everyone has a great seat. GroundUp is the brainchild of Snarky Puppy bassist Michael League, whose band will be headlining each night of the festival with never-before-heard music. In addition, the festival will include an array of acts from all genres, from jazz to World Music to R&B. GroundUp is a music lover’s music festival, and though the names on the bill might not be the same as those on the Billboard charts, the experience is far beyond what most festivals offer. Full event details are forthcoming.

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