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Miami's Fitness Gurus 

Gym Workout

Miami is quite the hub for fitness. We've gathered some of Miami's top fitness gurus who have inspiring stories along with tips and tricks about how to get you motivated and help you keep up with a healthy lifestyle. 

Rachel Gennaro @racheljoyfit

Poms Poms to Weights, Rachel Nennaro ate whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Having struggled with insecurities of being too skinny, fitness helped Rachel transform her life and become an inspiration to others.


Alicia McIntosh @trainingbyali

Modifying and transforming lives, fitness coach Alicia McIntosh, seeks to break client’s mental boundaries, reach physical fitness goals while creating a conscious living that will impact all areas of your life and in return creating a better quality of life. 



Professional soccer player Rodrigo Garduño has brought his fitness passion beyond the field to design a program that responds to the needs of his clients to improve their self esteem and confidence.


Janine Delaney @janine_delaney

Psychologist and Fitness Experts Janine Delaney is known for her crazy workout and getting people to understand that being fit is not just about the way you look, rather it’s about being healthy in mind, body, and soul. All of these components have to work together before we can be the best possible version of ourselves.


Simone Cavalletti @simonefitness305

Simone Cavalletti is a A local fitness expert consultant, featured in a range of local and nationwide TV & Radio shows

Casey Simmons @caseysimmons

Athlete and fitness fanatic Casey understands that everyone has the capacity to go above and beyond. This is what motivates her to push her clients to their max as she is very well versed in what it takes to be disciplined, set goals, and work her ass off to get her clients where they need to be.

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