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Latina Power:

Hispanic Owned Boutiques

Shopping in Miami

Without a doubt, the Hispanics in the United States have provided their share when it comes to contributing to society – this can also be seen in the growth in the economy.


in Miami to buy swimwear. Therefore, to keep the community thriving, it is important that we also take time to support Hispanic-owned businesses, both In the Hispanic Heritage month and after – every day.

Sunday Energy

Sunday Energy is a jewelry collection found by Melissa Flores, the Dominican-American lifestyle YouTuber. You can find any form of jewelry you might need in her store, ranging from evil eye necklaces to hoop earrings. Also, the most amazing part of Sunday Energy is her intention to always send out love and positive vibes to her customers through the jewelry she sells. She is all about ensuring that her Jewelry is curated with purpose.

Shopping in Miami

Femme Kulture

With its origin in Bronx, New York, the Femme Kulture is a women’s clothing line founded by the Hispanic entrepreneur Lorena Carmon Moore to show strong and inspiring women in the Hispanic history and culture while empowering today’s women.

Shopping in Miami

Hause of Curls

Sherly Tavarez, the New York-based Dominican, the owner of Hause of curls, is a Hispanic-based boutique to get rid of the idea of “Pelo malo,” or so to say, bad hair, that is usually common among the Hispanic community. So you’d know, she even has a t-shirt design that encourages curly-haired girls to love themselves that reads “Pelo malo.”

Shopping in Miami

Yo Soy Afro Latina

The boutique Yo Soy Afro Latina is a brand business by Bianca Kea, the Afro-Mexican Detroit native. The store is a place for you to buy top gear and an amazing platform to celebrate Afro Latinidad and create awareness of the Black Diaspora that is often forgotten. To Kea, her boutique is an avenue for Afro Latinas to shine.

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