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Beauty Runs Summer Deep:

Danny & the Angels

Talent: Kai Bleu, Brooke Lily Brazelton,

Nelanie Turli, D a n n y  J e l a c a

photographer: Dmitry Zhitov

Wardrobe Stylist: Ruthia Fuller

Make up: Julia Brig

Hair Stylist: Xavier Williams

Swimsuit Collection: Megan Mae

words: Michelle Wallace

Following one of Miami’s coolest winters in recent memory, the scorching temps of summer are undoubtedly here — and along with them, the sizzling hot styles of Miami Swim Week. This yearly event draws designers and fashionistas alike to the sparkling white sands of South Beach in a sun-kissed showcase of industry trends, the latest designs, and collections of the best swimwear and related accessories. One such designer — and former model — Megan Mae is aiming to clean our beautiful oceans one bikini at a time with her sustainably-sourced swimwear collection. On a balmy Sunday morning at South Pointe, we got a sneak peek at

Megan Mae’s new eco-friendly swimwear line for 2022.

And the stunning looks are quite the catch, too — crafted from a soft Italian fabric that uses a

sustainable fiber made from recycled fishing nets called ECONYL. But luxury swimwear requires an high-end look from head to toe that only the experts artists of Danny Jelaca Salon Spa could provide. As one of the most sought-after and influential stylists of South Beach, Danny Jelaca’s keen eye and trendsetting vision served as the perfect complement to this chic collection. We scored a spot in the shade to sit down with this radiant team and ask them a little bit about what’s making a splash in swimwear this July.

Megan Mae (swimwear designer)

What inspired your 2022 swimwear collection?

I’ve been a bikini model in the past, and I’ve always wanted to design my own swimwear collection that would make women not only look good but feel good about themselves when at the beach or pool.

What about Miami inspires your swimwear collection? I’ve always been conscious of the environment and all my swimsuits are made from the finest Italian fabric. They are also eco-friendly, sustainable, and made from recycled fishing nets from around the world. All our swimsuits are proudly manufactured in the USA.


Can you speak to the colors and cuts of your collection? I have always loved vibrant colors

Miami Swim Week 2022, Megan Mae
Miami Swim Week 2022

and soft pastels. The Megan Mae Swimwear line is offered in a range of beautiful colors that suit every skin tone. Our selection of styles are edgy, fashionable and will stand out in any setting.


What has Miami done for the swimwear industry?

Miami sets the standard for swimwear. I believe it’s the focal point of the latest trends in the industry.

What are your favorite swimwear trends for 2022? From my point of view, there is a trend in part of the market toward high-end, fashionable swimsuits. My team and I are following this trend closely and look forward to introducing more products to participate.

Where can we find your collection? You can find my collection online only at

Anything else you'd like to add? We are broadening our reach with the introduction of a Megan Mae Sun Care line of products — stay tuned!

Kai Bleu (model)

What makes you most excited for Miami Swim Week this year? I am most excited to see creatives from all over come together and put their talents to work and create

what we know as Swim Week.

What are your favorite swim trends for 2022? My favorite swim trends right now are one-pieces coming back in style — but sexier. I love how designers are making their swimwear collections so colorful this year as well!

Any tips for staying on-trend this season?

I feel you should always wear what resonates with you and make it your own whether its “in style” or not.


Where is your favorite place to wear swimwear in Miami? My favorite place to wear swimwear in Miami is Nikki Beach — a popular beach club and restaurant in the South of Fifth neighborhood!

Miami Swim Week 2022
Miami Swim Week 2022

Danny Jelaca (hair stylist)

What is the importance of hairstyle when it comes to swimwear looks? Hair styles for swimwear is so important. When your hair vibes with your swimsuit, you are the one to watch!

Is there a perfect hairstyle for luxury swimwear? If so, what is it? I love a snatch high-glossy pony! And then I like to play with extensions to make different lengths, textures, braids, and buns. But snatched for summer

is hot!


Is there anything about Miami that inspires or influences the way you style hair? Miami has a great social scene so the do and go-to’s are real creations, like a cross between red carpet and editorial with a Miami sexy vibe.


Does the cut of a swimsuit influence how you style hair? I like to match or play with the texture of the hair to vibe with the swimsuit. The busier the swimsuit, the simpler the hairstyle — the simpler the swimsuit, the busier the hair.

How do your summertime styles differ from the rest of the year? Summer styles are more up and casual and snatched. The rest of the year are more down do’s which are typically more affected by humidity, etc.

Are there any hairstyle trends you're absolutely loving right now? I love rock and roll curtain bangs! And I love playing with hairpieces, wigs and extensions to create

fun looks and pops of color, too!


Any tips for maintaining hairstyles in the Miami heat? I think everyone should get a Truss High Liss treatment — your hair will be humidity proof!


Any advice for quick at-home hairstyles for a day at the beach or pool? I always love a pony, wrapping a silk scarf around the base, then braiding the scarf down and tying the ends. Also, you can make fun buns out of this look — it’s like a vibe!

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