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Getting Fit



Words / Gabriela Gonzalez

Having been born and raised in Miami, I know for a fact that this city facilitates a wholesome lifestyle. With the abundance of healthy restaurants, supermarkets, and fitness classes, it is almost impossible not to be healthy. Of course  it doesn’t hurt to have a little motivation, so I created a health based blog to help Miami locals achieve their healthiest life by learning how to be more confident and feel great about their overall being.

What's the point?

Why exercise or bother eating healthy at all? Well, it’s important to exercise to boost endorphins, improve overall body confidence, and help gain long-term health which is what will ultimately lead you to feeling happier and better about yourself. Eating healthy? Well, that comes with the territory.

Find your niche.

We all have preferences of places we like to work out, whether it’s staying at home, going to the gym or doing something outdoors. Personally I love to change up my scenery when I exercise, so I go over workouts that can be performed in each kind of environment; the beach being my favorite.

Have fun with it.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Spend your free time with friends discovering health spots like Roots, Pura Vida, Grown, Fresh Market, Whole foods or go for a run into Miami’s beautiful sceneries and stumble across some hidden gems. Just last week I was jogging in Pinecrest and came across their Farmer's Market. I really love their fresh produce variety and their bowls are a must!

Follow me @fitwithgabs and discover the tips and tricks to staying fit, fitness event happenings in the city and overall ways to gain a healthy lifestyle in Miami. Hope you are all living your happiest lives.

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