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Lights, music, and creativity collided on the night of Monday, December 4th in the heart of the Miami Design District, as world-renowned French artist JR celebrated the unveiling of his latest masterpiece, The Chronicles of Miami.

The evening was nothing short of a visual and auditory feast, captivating attendees from 7PM to 10PM in the neighborhood’s Jungle Plaza. The Miami Design District transformed into a pulsating haven of artistic brilliance. JR's mural, a breathtaking ode to Miami's spirit, served as the epicenter of the celebration.

Attendees enjoyed a jaw-dropping live DJ set by internationally acclaimed Brazilian singer, songwriter, and dancer, Anitta. The multi-talented chart-topping sensation electrified the audience with her magnetic stage presence, elevating the evening to unprecedented heights and leaving the crowd in awe.

As the event was free and open to the public, the Miami Design District became a communal space where art lovers, enthusiasts, and curious minds came together to revel in the magic of creativity. Notable guests included Cedric Gervais, Dave and Isabela Grutman, and Peggy Gou.


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