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Gluten Free

The latest trend to hit the Miami scene…raw plant-based desserts that are both amazingly good for you and super delicious. With a focus on healthy ingredients and whole foods, FitySweety is redefining what “cake” can be.


Owner/founder Olga Mankova relies upon a core set of ingredients, such that contain a host of vitamins, minerals and energy boosting properties. Using organic cashews, extra virgin coconut oil, and organic maple syrup as her go-to sweetener, she has truly created a new approach to confectionery indulgences. Asked about why she chose to begin this raw dessert endeavor, Olga simply answered: “I wanted people to be able to experience sweets and yet still get benefits that were useful to the body. Sugary desserts contain nothing of value from a health standpoint.”

Gluten Free

FitySweety even ensures that all of the nut products they utilize are activated. In laymen’s terms this means that the nuts are soaked in a brine solution and allowed to sprout. This, in turn, makes digesting the cashews or almonds or whatever form of nut a particular cake might contain much easier. Nothing has been overlooked in the creation of FitySweety’s cakes. A careful selection of highly beneficial ingredients coupled with a firm dedication to crafting a sweet and rich taste makes these dessert delights truly innovative.

One of the questions FitySweety receives quite often pertains to the difference between vegan and plant-based when it comes to the creation of their cakes. Vegan doesn’t always mean good for you, explains Olga. In fact, many vegan food items contain refined sugars and artificial colors. FitySweety’s plant-based cakes do not. All natural, gluten free, soy free and refined sugar free, they are truly the real deal when it comes to sweet treats that taste good and are still full of nutritional value!

Gluten Free

We’re very opened to show the full ingredient list for everybody and that is why Florida moms choose us. If we use colorful colors for kids cakes, it always natural colorants from fruit and veggie powders. For example, for yellow we use turmeric, for pink –strawberries, orange – carrots, purple – blueberries and maqui berries, red – beets, green – spirulina or matcha green tea, black – activated coconut charcoal powder etc.

And of course, everybody who wants to remove from their daily routine dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, refined sugars and still want to choose the whole food meals. These raw cakes are pure whole food cakes!

And a special part of our customers are people who require a sugar free cake. Usually, it’s those who are on a strict sugar and/or carbs free diet (for example, Keto Diet), athletes, and people who have diabetes or other sugar-free health conditions. For all of them we’re happy to substitute maple syrup with pure stevia leaf. We can do it for each our cake.

Gluten Free

Each mom has a very special request to kid’s cake. The cake shouldn’t be only vegan (dairy and eggs-free), gluten and soy free, and without refined sugar. It’s our standard! But each mom has other requirements. Very often we receive a wish to avoid any sweeteners from the cake and use only fruits for it. For this, we have flavors sweetened with only dates, bananas and berries (no any syrup or stevia). Very often people ask for chocolate cake without chocolate, cacao or caffeine. For them, we have a special Carob Hazelnut Cake.

But one of the most interesting requests was this one. Vegan cake (of course, gluten and soy free, no refined sugar), no bananas, no avocado, no coconut, no any nuts or seeds. For this little girl, we made Salted Caramel Cake with raw chocolate on top based. By the way, the caramel was made from only dates, superfood mesquite powder and maple syrup. Our raw vegan chocolate contains only three ingredients: raw cacao butter, raw cacao powder and maple syrup (we make it from scratch). The mom was very happy with result and her daughter had no allergy to this cake. She turned 2 years and the celebration was successful!

Gluten Free in Miami

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