Posted on August 25, 2018

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Gluten Free

The latest trend to hit the Miami scene…raw plant-based desserts that are both amazingly good for you and super delicious. With a focus on healthy ingredients and whole foods, FitySweety is redefining what “cake” can be.


Owner/founder Olga Mankova relies upon a core set of ingredients, such that contain a host of vitamins, minerals and energy boosting properties. Using organic cashews, extra virgin coconut oil, and organic maple syrup as her go-to sweetener, she has truly created a new approach to confectionery indulgences. Asked about why she chose to begin this raw dessert endeavor, Olga simply answered: “I wanted people to be able to experience sweets and yet still get benefits that were useful to the body. Sugary desserts contain nothing of value from a health standpoint.”

Gluten Free

FitySweety even ensures that all of the nut products they utilize are activated. In laymen’s terms this means that the nuts are soaked in a brine solution and allowed to sprout. This, in turn, makes digesting the cashews or almonds or whatever form of nut a particular cake might contain much easier. Nothing has been overlooked in the creation of FitySweety’s cakes. A careful selection of highly beneficial ingredients coupl