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Yoga is one of those activities that can really help you unwind, relax and just eliminate pressure from your life. There will always be demanding situations in your life, but activities like meditation or yoga can really make a huge difference. You just want to give them a try for yourself, and the experience itself can be a very good one. In order to make the most out of your yoga session, you do need a great yoga mat. Here are some eco-friendly yoga mats that will help protect the environment, while also helping you relax and enjoy your time.


Manduka is a company that creates some very high quality yoga mats. These are using either recycled or natural materials, and they always follow eco-friendly practices. To make things even better, they are certified OEKO-TEX and their products are free of any latex. Prices can vary based on what you need, but they can be either very affordable or quite expensive. So there’s definitely something for everyone here.

Ekaminhale Yoga Rugs

The company is very committed to the idea of creating GOTS certified, organic yoga mats that you will cherish and use very often. The thing that makes them stand out is that there are no microplastics, and the value itself is impressive. Yes, their rugs are a bit on the more expensive side, but you are protecting the environment, and everything here is ethically made.

Lottus Life

Lottus Life gives back to the community, and they also create affordable yoga mats from sustainable materials. Their mats are also biodegradable, which is something to keep in mind all the time. You will notice their products have antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Overall, they are a great sustainable brand with a true focus on ethics and quality.


SugaMats is a brand that offers mats made from recycled materials only. So you get to protect the environment, while still getting sturdy and durable mats. The density of these mats, the elasticity and thickness are all according to the industry standards, and you will find this to deliver an amazing experience. Overall, you will be very happy with the quality and value for money, and the experience itself is super impressive too.

Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga uses natural rubber and sustainable practices to create some very impressive yoga mats. Their products are versatile, a pleasure to use, but also dependable and super high quality. You don’t have to worry about slipping on these rugs too, which is always an amazing thing to have. They are also giving back to numerous different causes, which is nice.

There are many different options if you want eco-friendly yoga mats, all you need is to assess your needs and your budget. There’s definitely something everyone will like, you just have to take your time and make the right pick. In the end, you will have no problem getting the right value and results for the money. It will take a bit of a trial and error, but in the end you will have no problem finding the best yoga mats to suit your needs!

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