Posted on October 02, 2018

Let Your

Inner Voice

Guide You

words / Erin Peacy

Has anyone ever told you to “just breathe?” I never really understood what that meant until I attended an event earlier this year that helped me overcome a devastating life changing experience.

For a year or so I was in love.
I was enamored with a man who made me feel like I was the center of his universe. He was the perfect “open the door” kind of gentleman; randomly bringing me flowers and spoiling me with the most delicious dinners. We were both so much in love that he proposed and ever since he did, all we would do is talk about our future and the beautiful wedding we started to plan. We decided that November 24, 2018 would be the perfect day to celebrate at the romantic Mondrian Hotel in Miami Beach. I felt like a little girl getting her dreamlike wedding to her prince charming. Only after we made a deposit on the venue, he became not so charming. 

Unfortunately, the planning started around the time Irma was brewing in the Atlantic and everything was put on pause since we had to evacuate. I thought it was a bit weird that he did not want to leave with me to head north to Michigan and insisted on staying behind. 

During our time apart, he barely called me but when we did speak, it was decided that he would pick me up from the airport. Not only did I wait two hours for him to show up, I was not greeted by my fiancé. The person who stood in front of me was a stranger; cold, distant and very short with me when I was trying to get a conversation going. My heart sank. My gut was telling me that something was not right. I chose to ignore it and focus on the future we were building. 

Things were only getting more bizarre when he started mentioning things like not being too