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Celebrities and Their
Self-Care Routines

Self-care Routines

Curious about their self-care routine? Some of you probably feel frustrated because you’ve tried every self-care routine you read online, but you just can’t get yourself to relax like those celebrities you admire so much. 


Let’s take a look at the self-care routine of these celebrities and get your creative zen juices flowing.

Kaley Cuoco

The 8 Simple Rules star has an obsession with cupping. Just go follow her on Instagram and you’ll see how much she likes the treatment! Cupping is an ancient therapy that originated in China. What you do is, you take small cups and you place them on different areas of your body. 


The cups pull the skin into a suction that results in enhanced blood circulation. It increases blood flow to the cupped area and also relaxes the muscles. It’s mostly popular in Asia, but thanks to celebrities like Kaley Cuoco, it’s gaining attention in the west, as well!

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Tatum became famous working as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. Today she’s mostly known for her role in the 2006 film Step Up. Tatum is a big fan of acupuncture. She often posts pictures of her needle-covered face on Snapchat whenever she visits her acupuncturist Jeannie Kang. 


Tatum mostly uses acupuncture to treat her sinus problems so if you feel like your nose isn’t letting you breathe, it’s time to book an appointment with an acupuncturist.

Laura Prepon

Prepon is most well-known for her role in the sitcom That ‘70s Show and the Netflix show Orange is the New Black. Prepon has been cooking a lot during quarantine. She uses frozen veggies to make sure she gets all those nutrients that give her that flawless skin. The star spends most of her time with her two children Ella and her 2 month old son. 


She sometimes mixes frozen vegetables and greens into smoothies so she and her daughter can stay healthy while eating and drinking food that tastes delicious.

Jason Mamoa

Considering the restrictive gender expectations that many men are burdened with, Momoa’s level of self-awareness is refreshing to see. Jason claims that the older you get the more you have to take care of yourself. As busy as a family man Mamoa is, he manages to set some time aside for some R&R with climbing, boxing and surfing. Although it appears that presently Jason cannot do yoga to save his life, getting to yoga and Pilates are some of his goals to getting into his self-care routine. #goals

Storm Reid

The Euphoria star probably has the best and healthiest self-care routine. The 17 year old often posts her workouts on Instagram. Since she can’t go to the gym anymore because of the virus, she’s bought gym equipment so she can work out at home! 

She’s been able to focus on her work more now. When she’s not exercising, she spends her time relaxing with her family.

Lauren Lapkus

The Big Bang Theory and Orange is the New Black star has a quarantine routine that involves some bike riding and learning piano. She said she’s been really enjoying riding her bike while wearing a mask (don’t go out without your mask!) and a helmet. 


To learn piano, she’s been using an app called Simply Piano. She says she practices almost daily now. She spends most of her time doing these “little activities”.

There are lots of self-care routines out there that you can try. Just sit back and let go of all that stress and anxiety and you’ll start to see and feel the difference immediately!

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