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Boho Chic With Influencer @wanderwithmacy

interview / Cybil Bonhomme


On my very first visit to Upper Buena Vista, I had the great pleasure of bumping into fashion influencer, Macy Mariano, better known as @wanderwithmacy. I couldn't help but fall in love with her boho chic style and was quick to pick her brain about everything boho.


What are some of your current boho fashion obsessions?

Some of my boho essentials for outfits are basket bags, knit bags, and straw hats! I think these accessories really add the boho attitude and overall vibe to an image. I love using them for pics as props or even an aesthetically pleasing flat-lay!

What would you say are Miami's current boho trends?

I've always seen in Miami the colorful pom-poms that you can notice on bags, shoes, and dresses. Location wise I like to see hanging lights and and rustic interior


What are some places in Miami where you can get your hands on some pretty "can't live without" boho chic styles (shoes, dresses, hats etc)?

I have found some boho gems in Boho Hunter, Upper Buena Vista,  Frankie Miami and The Bazaar Miami


Where could a boho fanatic shop for the most beautiful boho bags?

I do a lot of online ordering, so I like to discover many different brands. Boho Bags -The Original, Cult Gia, Chila Bags, Poolside Bags, & Rare Atlantic are all wonderful boho bags with amazing stlyes!

Name your top 3 favorite boho brands?

My top three favorite boho brands are Spell & The Gypsy, Free People, and Kivari the Label.


Photography/ @thevaldezphoto  and @aliemariep

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