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Beyond the Beauty

 |  Words Dr. Cybil Bonhomme, interview with Gilda Garza  

The Creative Corner

Gilda Garza is much more than her gorgeous looks, but a force to be reckoned with. Her art was currently featured in Miami at Supercar Rooms Art Gallery in which all proceeds went to a charity called “Les Couleurs Charity” a non-profit helping children in Mexico and Haiti.

Born and raised in Sinaloa, Mexico, Gilda Garza grew up to a world of intense conflicts and danger. The drug wars and social imbalances surrounding her day to day life undermined any chance of stability and normalcy.

As a young girl Gilda found art as an escape from the conflicts surrounding her. This escape quickly evolved into a passion for art that was a legacy she inherited from her mother and grandmother.

She expresses everything from her harsh past to her aspirations of love and peace through each brush stroke as she herself is a work of art: “There is no work of art that I paint, that does not carry a piece of my heart and a part of my soul in it.” Her art elegantly and gracefully expresses the delicate relationship between beauty and strength, the power of passion and love and the conflicts between survival and excess.

Cybil: What is the meaning of art to you?
Gilda: Constantly striving to find new ways to express the world around us, I take inspiration from moments in my life and the lives of others, bringing a story to life thought my canvas.  It really all started from living in one of the most dangerous places in Mexico. My paintings showcase all of the raw emotions from the impactful events I witnessed firsthand.

Cybil: Let’s dive into a little into where you came from..
Gilda: Since I was 6 months old I lived with my incredible family in Sinaloa, Mexico. The passion of the people in Sinaloa is addictive and it is a state that I deeply love, but it also has broken my heart on many occasions. Living in the middle of drug wars and social conflicts that often hit close to home was challenging. In the last few years we have had to deal with 4 of my close family members being kidnapped. The last one being my 86-year old grandfather who was held hostage for seven days until authorities tracked him down and killed the kidnappers. Those were the most terrifying moments in my life, I was petrified.

The way I express how I feel is through my paintings. There isn't one piece of art that I paint that doesn't have part of my heart and life instilled in it.

Cybil: Who would you say has influenced you and your art the most?
Gilda: Both my mother and grandmother were artists and my earliest memories involve spending time with family while having a paintbrush in my hand. My grandmother taught me to believe in your art and to always paint from the heart. They are truly my highest inspirations.

Cybil: You’ve become quite the sensation. How have you managed to become one of the most influential artists of your country ?
Gilda: When I finally acknowledged that art was my true passion, I did not look back. I fought hard for my dreams. Witnessing my art in exhibits from Mexico City to Las Vegas to most recently Miami, I know that the dedication and hard work are being appreciated by others which is humbling. My collaborations with Roberto Cavalli as well as having my art on the cover of Playboy and showcased in the House of Bijan on Rodeo drive have meant so much.

I‘m not where I want to be yet, but I also know that I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be where I‘m at and to have the opportunity to follow my dreams. Not everyone is so fortunate.  My Mexico has its conflicts, but I owe everything to my Mexico. It made me who I am, and I hope someday to be able to make my country proud and give back a little of what my city, state and country gave to me.

Cybil: Can you walk us through your inspiration for the newest art collection ?
Gilda: I love history and recently I became obsessed with the lives and legacies of the latest European Monarchs, which became my inspiration for this collection “The last Kings.” From the ones who lifted their countries up, as well as the ones who made poor decisions that resulted in their people shedding tears of blood throughout their streets. I was so obsessed with their challenges, conflicts and accomplishment that I had to immortalize their stories on my canvas.

Each one of the Kings that I painted has a part of their life embodied on a canvas that many can not see from an eyes view. To the lovers of art, I invite you to get lost in the art and discover the secrets of my Kings.

Cybil: Any future exhibitions you would like to share with us?
Gilda: Yes, my next exhibition will be in Italy at the Murano Glass gallery. I will be creating my first glass sculpture. I am very excited to explore a new medium.

Cybil: Any goals for 2020?
Gilda: I am launching a platform that will bring artists and art lovers together, where they can share a passion and appreciation for art as well as the lifestyle that surrounds it. This project has been developing for months now and will start to operate beginning of 2020


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