January 1, 2021

Beauty for Your Booty &

Your Body

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Bubba Sparks wrote a song about it (Ms. New Booty). Glute House created a workout just for it. While an extra set squats won’t hurt (well, maybe just a little) paying more attention to your derriere by way of your beauty routine is a simple way to keep your bum looking and feeling it’s best. We searched out some booty (and body)

enhancing creams that will help enhance, smooth and tighten

Miami Beach Bum Signature Bum + Body Cream

If you’ve ever stayed in your bikini or sweaty workout clothes too long chances are, you may have experienced bum bumps or blemishes. Miami Beach Bum’s soothing plant-based cream with aloe and orgengo is designed to eliminate unwanted skin conditions folliculitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris and more. You can als