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Attaining the Perfect Beach Waves

Stylist /  @xaviierstyles

Miami Stylist

Very talented twenty-six year old hairstylist, Xavier Williams, was born in the Bronx, New York City. He left his hometown to pursue a  job opportunity in Miami Beach to be a master stylist in a hair salon called DryBar. 

After being settled in the Magic City, he launched he’s own website to showcase his accomplish-ments and was ready to start working with more high fashion and editorial looks. 

His looks have been featured in Vogue, and Bazaar magazines and has be involved in numerous collaborate work with photographers and designers. XavieStyles is on a mission to create a name for himself in this beauty business and couldn't think of a better city to spread his gift.

Now, Let's look into Xavier's  recommendations to attaining that perfect Miami beach wave hairstyle.


According to Xavier, "Miami whether is great for beach waves even with short or natural hair. It’s timeless, it’s trendy and can rock it to work or to happy hour with your co workers."    

Here are some tips and tricks to create or maintain the perfect beach waves:

Prep your hair with volumizing mousse or sea salt spray if starts off with wet hair. 

It’ll allow your hair to have the texture feel while wet after take the blow dryer and pre dry it until it’s tousled and textured .if you don’t want to use a blow dryer allowing your hair to air dry also works. 

Add texture Using a texturizing spray. 

Flipping your hair up so down can add texture and volume at the same time. Use as much as possible to create tousled textured beach waves. For longer lasting beach waves finish the look with a flexible hairspray to hold your waves in place but still allows movement. 

For softer beach wave look use a curling iron and leave ends straight. 

This routine will give you a more defined polished wave that will take up to 10 mins. Curling different strands of hair opposite ways from one another will create beach waves that looks like you went the hair salon. Finishing your look with either flexible hold spray or texturizing spray. 

Last but not least dry shampoo. 

For days old hair that feels dirty and oily using dry shampoo absorbs the oily and add texture and a light feeling to your roots. For more tousled waves use dry conditioner from mid shaft to ends of your hair. Both products helps prolong a blowout or a styles for at least a couple more days. 


photography / greg_cunningham; @rmpoolephoto 

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