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May 10, 2021

Why Miami should be

number one on your travel

list this summer

Miami Vacation

The south coast city is back and better than ever, offering all to tourists following the coronavirus pandemic that sent the world into lockdown

As civilization returns, what better place to jet to than Miami. Known for its soft sand, clear blue oceans and exhilarating nightlife, the South Florida sunshine state is the place to be this summer. Miami is preparing to welcome back tourists to the area and share its beauty with the world and who doesn’t want to wake up and stretch at a sunrise yoga class on a quiet beach in South Florida.

Diving into summer

Whether you’re an avid fan of watersports or content with dipping your toes in the ocean, Miami caters for all with its long list of water attractions from jet skis and boat hires, to snorkeling, stand up paddling and canoeing. A popular tourist attraction is to step on board one of Miami’s boat expeditions to sail around the famous Star Island. Immerse yourself into how the other half live and peer into the lives and magnificent homes of the rich and famous dotted around the island. The boat tour is a must for any infrastructure fanatic.

Miami Vacation, Miami Vibes Magazine

Becoming the home of the art world

Wynwood isn’t the only area in Miami splashing out on its authentic and unique artwork. In a world where social media has taken over, Superblue Miami, an enterprise in the art field has been working on a digital art exhibition that explores a sensory immersive experience for visitors to snap images on their Iphones and post to their Insta stories.


The colorful interactive spectacle features the work of Es Devlin, James Turrell and teamLab who have been working on the light-based installations for the first event, Every Wall is a Door.

One eager tourist called the event ‘Disney 3.0.’ The exhibition opened on April 22, 2021 located close to downtown Miami.

Another on the art scene is Beyond Van Gogh, an immersive art exhibit into the dreams, thoughts and words of Vincent Van Gogh; taking the audience on a narrative journey of the artist’s world. Opened on April 15, 2021, the exhibition explores and presents the artwork of the late Dutch painter. Miami is one of the first out of the 13 states to host the event located at the Ice Palace studios.

Pack your dancing shoes

If you’re a lover of life in the fast lane, Miami’s nightlife offers a nonstop party for all of your dancing needs, providing back-to-back tunes from dusk till dawn.

Always pushing against the norm, Miami is renowned for creating unique ways to combine alcohol and fun activities. One bar located in South Beach, at the top of The Miami Beach EDITION hotel is micro-club Basement Miami, offering both an ice rink and bowling alley inside its club that features live dancers and famous DJs.

Another is Joia beach, an exclusive new restaurant, bar and relaxation club; A taste of paradise, the club’s all in one luxurious venue is all about the easy life for those who are carefree and unwilling to bounce from beach to bar along the Miami strip. A favorite go-to among locals. 

Miami Vacation, Miami Vibes Magazine

A taste of Cuba
Little Havana, a small area in Miami has become a home-hub for Cubans offering a taste for tourists to enjoy the Cuban culture and indulge in Cuban cuisine without packing your bags and booking a flight.

There is no better way to indulge in what Little Havana has to offer than joining one of the Miami Culinary Tours; a 2.5-hour culinary walking escapade around the neighborhood. Leading the tours are experienced guides that provide knowledge and expertise with every traditional Cuban bite.

Miami Vacation, Miami Vibes Magazine

Sunrise Yoga

If you’re an early riser, grab your towel and head down to South Beach for a sunrise yoga session with 3RD Street Beach Yoga at 7am.

Summer in Miami, Miami Vibes Magazine

So what are you waiting for? Book the flight and thank us later.

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