November 10, 2020

Top Vegan Dessert Places in Miami

Top Vegan Dessert Places in Miami

You would think that the ingredients of baking are quite straight forward, but in the hands of a skilled pastry chef or baker, they come together to make desserts that are much more than the sum of their simple components. A piece of cake that brings chocolatey comfort to a difficult day. An ice cream sundae that reminds you of your childhood summers. A macaron that serves as a bite-sized getaway to Paris. The best desserts are a source of the sweetest sort of joy.

L’Artisane Creative Bakery

The first French vegan bakery in the United States serves pastries and desserts made with fair trade ingredients and vegan sugar. Some of the delicious items that can be found on their menu are – flakey croissants, strawberry tartlets, bonbons, raspberry mousse, pain au chocolat and brownies to name a few. Their vast variety doesn’t stop at desserts, they also offer sandwiches, wholesome salads and their already famous Beyond Burger. The concept of vegan French pastries grew on chef Carolina Molea, trained by Le Cordon Bleu, since she first set foot in France at age 15. “With every trip to France, my love grew fonder and my dream started to take shape”, Molea as she told VegNews. Their food is fresh,100% plant-based and cruelty free.

7243 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141