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Determined on their Own Terms:
The Pouncey Twins have said
goodbye to Football

Miami Vibes Magazine x Pouncey Twins

The Pouncey Twins have said goodbye to Football, and hello to a whole new world full of opportunities

and impactful commitments to our community.

When people talk about fluidity, great energy, amazing conversations and sitting in that roundtable talking business with impact, it's truly a rewarding experience. The Pouncey twins are living with purpose, building with intention, and serving their community. 


Our conversation was genuine, it was real and boy I can’t wait to have my very own Mango Frose! Mike and Maurkice got me amped up when it comes to the taste, look and feel of the product. These twins are highly engaged and inspired to continue their legacy. They are what we call students of life, investing their time and energy to a project that started with the heart!


Now I get to share some gems from the Pouncey Twins with my Vibes Family:


What are the first three words that come to mind when you describe who you are as an individual?


Mike: Hard-working, Passionate & Trustworthy

Maurkice: Determined, Loyal and Hard-working 


When you were out on the field playing Sunday Nights (which was not too long ago) did you guys every picture yourself where you are today?


Truly, No, it's still a dream. We can authentically say here in this space that we came from poverty, we built our journey with much struggle and hustle along the way. For us, life was a gift, we took advantage of situations. So many times, we look at one another and ask ourselves, “How did it become us?” We are blessed and grateful for the endless opportunities which have come our way. 


Do you miss playing football?


We definitely miss parts of it. It was everything for us, for so long, it allowed us and set us up to succeed and enjoy this life we have today. But It feels good to walk away on our own terms. 


Did you guys deal with anxiety/depression or any mental sanity issues when you stopped playing Football?


To be depressed in a situation where we were so blessed, is simply selfish. We don’t know in the long run what could happen, but we do know and believe we were so blessed, to do and play from the heart, at the same time able to walk away healthy and happy is a gift. We endured much pain, mainly physical, including soreness and surgeries, but to label it anything other than life being challenging wouldn't be fair. 


Who or what inspires you to show up on a daily basis and to follow those dreams?


Honestly, we would say WE inspire each other. We wake up and show up for one another, daily. Our kids inspire us everyday, they are our biggest motivation. As we grew, our mindsets grew. Everything we do, we do for our kids, they are the next leaders of our world, and we definitely are creating those spaces for them to follow their dreams.


What is it like working with your brother?


It makes it easy. We had a small circle of friends, so we always counted on each other. Our family also did an awesome job at holding us close, educating us on the importance of family, bonding and support. Till this day, we host large family BBQ’s and we are always looking to create those wonderful memories with the people we love. 


What are some core values you look for in brands for possible partnerships?


Number one would be relationships, it's key for us to know and understand the energy is present with the people we go in business with. Two, would be work ethic. Lastly, personality. It is really about connection, vibing with the people you partner with. For us, investing in people is much more important than the idea itself. When we met for this current partnership, we instantly felt the connection and it was all about the VIBES, Miami Vibes! 


This new venture with Tropical Distillers is highly influential and you guys are the face behind the brand. How do you feel about community building? 


I would say it's big for both of us. We were drafted by University of Florida in 2011, and we consider Florida our home, a place where we are highly involved and engaged. We came from the community, so for us it's part of our main goal.  Sometimes just seeing people, gives people hope. Our resume exemplifies involvement in the community, from leading football camps, running turkey drives, hosting kids foundations and donating to the police department are just a few of the ways we have been hands on for our community.  For example, the Pittsburgh Steelers is an organization who is involved on a daily basis with their team The owners would show up and support, which makes the fans much more loyal, because again, it's always about serving the community. 


JF Hadens is an artisanal liqueur done in small batches, are you two as a team conscious of the impact you can be creating supporting small, local businesses? What is that impact exactly?


Our impact is to make it bigger than what it is. Obviously, when you invest in something you want to make it bigger than when you came into it. Our main goal is to take it to the next level. A side note, more than the financial aspect of it, it tastes so good, the product literally sells itself.


How do you feel your culture has influenced your business journey?


I think just the fact that we are so diverse has allowed us to build upon our journey, Our mom is white and our dad is black and it's been a blessing to be able to see both sides of the scope. We grew up very open-minded, which allowed us to adapt and serve our community. Being bi-racial definitely has helped us advance in life, learn, and grow within our journey.  


What is your greater purpose in life? What do you want to be known for?


For Mike, his biggest thing is to be known for something more than football. His legacy will include his Football journey, but also how that has allowed him to create more than just the sport. 

For Maukrice, his biggest attribute is that we are leaders. We lead by example, we have kids and we hope to create the spaces for them to envision their dreams and to know that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. 

Together, we were able to create a living much bigger than who we are. And we can’t wait to continue to build with our hearts, knowing that our upbringing has allowed us to be humble and conscious of our world, and we are ready for this chapter. 


Being daddy’s to girls, how are you creating those spaces for them to become independent, strong and powerful women for our community?


For us it's always been about “How we show up everyday” for them. How we create the spaces for them to know they can be and do anything in the world. We have never pressured our kids to do anything. They mirror by example, and for us it's about how you carry yourself, how you speak, and how you act. We are leading them to the best of our ability. We want to set them up for success, and although my daughter (Mike’s) is 13 and thinks dad is no longer cool, lol, we are blessed and grateful to be part of their journey as they grow up and become leaders. 


What made you go into the wine and spirits industry?


At first, as we told you we consider ourselves good listeners, for us it was about the people we invest in. There were highly influential people and we listened, we acted with ethics and integrity. The import part of the business was the key interest for us, the opportunity to own exclusive rights on the liquor and prepare for the big boys in the industry to give us the visibility and awareness of what we are creating. This is only the beginning.


What is your favorite drink or cocktail?


We would have to say the Mango “Old Fashioned” featuring J.F Haden’s Mango Liqueur.


Our friends over at Honey Uninhibited will soon have the “Froze Rose” with our Mango Liqueur so make sure to stop by and check it out.


What are in the future plans for the Pouncey Twins? Any tea we can spill for Miami Vibes.


Our biggest plan for this project is the distillery, which will be right here in Miami. Also, for our Miami Vibes Community we are working on the launch of our very own restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale Beach on A1A, so stay tuned. And in case you were questioning, our signature drink will be featuring the Mango Liqueur.


How can we support you guys?

Simply promoting us, putting it out there with much love. Exposure and engagement is what will allow us to spread the word and continue to grow as we better serve the community.


Knowing Miami is the tropical sensation of its time, this Mango Liqueur is here to spice things up just a tad this Summer. So, pick your base for your favorite cocktail, mix our very own pure and fresh Mango Liqueur and cheers to great memories with the people you love.  


Stay close and informed as we continue to follow the Pouncey Twins and the beautiful work they are determined to create, for their family, for their legacy and most importantly for their community. 


Much Love,

Gelsandra Guzman

IG: gelsandra_guzman

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