January  1, 2021

Stay Unique, Miami! A Short Guide on Brands That Will Make You Stand
Out in a Crowd

Musa by Bobbie                                                                                                                                     IG: @musajewelry

What comes to your mind first when thinking of gem stones? Is it hippie? Is it spiritual? Is it old soul? Well, I’m here to prove that in the world of copy cats and mass production, gem stone jewelry is a remedy for looking like everyone else! There’s a brand that’s based here in Miami whose designer, Bobbie van der Vlugt, has been running for 15 years now. 


Van der Vlugt has been collecting stones for years and eventually began making big statement necklaces. She wore them herself and was constantly being stopped on the street by people asking where she got them from. That’s how her business got up and running.


The stones she uses come from all over the world. In one bracelet, you can find beads from Africa, stones from Afghanistan and prayer beads from Greece. And since the gem stones have some healing qualities, you can wear them with a certain intention. She used to travel with her merchandise, but Musa recently joined the online luxury retailer Matches Fashion. Van der Vlugt’s pieces are now being sold next to the biggest designer names. 


Musa happens to have some famous customers, too -- like Uma Thurman, the Greek Royal Family and the Givenchy’s. While Musa’s client profile is very diverse, it has one thing in common: The clients are all seeking collectable and meaningful jewelry with a very unique look. 


Van der Vlugt has incredible intuition about what gems are the best fit for her clients, and her designs are mostly personalized. Give it a try, and offer yourself this luxury of something special and one of a kind.

Éhonté                                                                                                                                                  IG: @ehonte

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” As cliché as this Marilyn Monroe quote sounds -- it’s true! I honestly hate wearing high heels and always pick more comfortable booties or low-heel mules or sandals. If you’re like me, then check this brand out! 


Sergio Silva is the force behind Éhonté’s designs and business operations. He wanted his shoes to be worn by bold women who love fashion and spend all day running from work meetings to happy hour evenings. Silva says the shoes must be fashion-forward -- elegant with a little edginess – and, most importantly, they need to be comfortable! Éhonté’s look like wearable art pieces, and the heels are not higher than 4” (Thank you, Sergio!). 


The entirety of the production happens in Brazil, where Silva is from, and the shoes are in honor of his mother. She once had to defend herself with her heels on the streets of Brazil! Now you have an idea what kind of woman wears Éhonté shoes. 


Silva has taken his brand to the next level, too. Not only is the brand itself sustainable and transparent, it also offers a self-care kit. Silva claims that at the end of the day, any shoes will hurt, so this is essential. The kit comes with a soap and exfoliant for your feet so you can give yourself a 15-minute foot spa after a long day. 


Éhonté’s new collection will be available soon. Stay tuned!


 IG: @oddsconcept