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July 08, 2021   vibes around town, gallery

Among guests on the red carpet were breakthrough Latin artist- Chesca, award-winning record producer- Maffio, actress and ESPN journalist- Janelle Rodriguez and forecasted 2024 olympic athlete- Zeku.


Sonja La Makina released her debut single "Candy" at the highly anticipated event that featured an All Styles Dance Battle with $1,000 cash prize, co-hosted by BreakinMIA-- South Florida’s only facility dedicated to teaching Breakdance to our youth. Sonja welcomed guests into a full venue with a candy filled entrance and a giant astronaut dancer. She later performed her “Whoopty” Spanish Remix as well as her debut Latin single “CANDY," which featured an exhilarating fight scene by two ninjas and her Candy Girls a.k.a. flavorful dancers.

Sonja says: “What has made the experience behind CANDY so special is the process of giving life to the alternate reality my team and I created for this song. From the moment we wrote it, all the way to the concept of the music video, our intention was to bring viewers and listeners into an imaginary world where quirky uncommon things somehow just blend in. Naturally, this was the inspiration behind the release event and my live show and we hope fans continue to enjoy our CANDY.”

Sonja La Makina, nickname designated by her team “because she never stops”, broke barriers from an early age, as she was the youngest dancer in the Daddy Yankee cast of the “Gasolina” world tour. An event historically credited for introducing the Reggaeton genre and the iconic dance of Perreo to the world.

Now, Sonja La Makina is releasing her debut single “CANDY” with the intention of conjuring all the skills acquired throughout her career. Sonja co-writes her music, produces her music videos, and builds the brand strategy behind La Makina.

Photography: Lian Perez

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