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So Fresh and so Clean Clean: Miami's Sustainable Eats


     April 02, 2022

Easter 2022

Miami is home to some amazing organic and sustainable restaurants that mostly work with hand-selected, seasonal ingredients from the city and other local farms in Florida. These restaurants provide entirely healthy and organic meals, which have a significantly smaller carbon footprint, which aligns with their ethics and environmental sustainability values. In this article, you'll discover seven of these restaurants in the charming city of Miami.

Avo Miami

Providing breakfast, lunch and dinner Avo Miami is a fast-casual restaurant concept featuring modern Mediterranean cuisine set in an upscale environment. From the ceiling to the walls the restaurant is lined with plush greenery and faux foliage, weaved bamboo inspired light fixtures and textured accents creating a warm glow and overall bohemian-chic vibe. Guests have the option to dine-in via counter service with indoor or outdoor seating, takeout, or delivery with off-site catering also available. What sets them apart is their dedication to preserving the authenticity of each dish while also adding a fresh, modern and healthy twist.


Thatch Miami

Thatch Miami is a small yet welcoming restaurant that places a premium on the focus of its cooking and the quality of its cuisine. The organic, plant-based cuisine is served at this sustainability-driven market, bar, and restaurant in the center of Midtown. Their menu shows innovation and intention, since everything is made from scratch every day with the most energy-dense superfoods and local ingredients available.


Screaming Carrots

Screaming Carrots is another great good food establishment that serves plant-based organic cuisine, with everything from appetizers to soups, salads, bagels, sandwiches, hummus bowls, beverages, daily specials, and entrees being healthy and tasty.


They actually advocate eating that is humane, sustainable, nutrient-dense, and economical without losing flavor, quality, or quantity. Their dishes are truly prepared using specialty ingredients that are faithful to their origin country's recipes, and they are infused with Thai and Mediterranean influences.


Veronica and Diego are life and love partners. They started Love Life Cafe just a few months after they met, where they get to provide wonderful and conscientious food to the Miami community. Their comprehensive menu, which includes salads, soups, arepas, pizzas, pastas, wraps, and bowls, boasts the BEST Veggie Burger named at the Seed Food and Wine Festival.

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