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James Bond Vibes: Alvaro Nuñez

Model: Alvaro Nunez

photographer: Dmitry Zhitov

Wardrobe Stylist: Ruthia Fuller

Make up: Julia Brig

words: Dr. Cybil Bonhomme

"No city in the country has a vibe like Miami. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous people, and unique real estate. Miami has everything. If you are looking for something luxury and eye catching, Miami has that in abundance. We are known for amazing places to eat and a spectacular nightlife. This is why Miami has one of the hottest real estate markets in the world. While focusing on Hispanic Heritage Month, we decided to get acquainted with, Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro, who comes from the motherland of Spain and see how he’s been able to amalgamated himself into Miami’s Hispanic culture.

Alvaro is an entrepreneur that helped set the market ablaze. He is the CEO of Super Luxury Group (SLG), a unique real estate media network for high-end individuals and properties in Miami and other luxury locations.

Alvaro has a keen eye for marketing and he is using that talent to enhance real estate listings through the help of celebrities, influencers, and other “blue checkmark” individuals on social media platforms. The barrier to enter is high and only for a select few, but this strategy has paid dividends, attracting some of the world's highest income movers and shakers.

For a deep dive into Miami’s luxurious vibe, we thought it would be fitting to spend the day with Alvaro and glean some insights on his life as a successful entrepreneur and qualities that give him that James Bond edge.

Let's start with something light, why Miami?

Miami has it all – from its culture, lifestyle, business opportunities, weather, location, the people… you name it! I couldn’t think of a better place in the world to call home.

What have you come to love about Miami's culture?

The energy in Miami is amazing! Everyone is here to work hard and play hard. Perfect balance for what I like to call a “success environment” – from top-entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and many other

incredible individuals coming from all over the world. It gives Miami a spectacular cultural environment to thrive in all areas of life.

Being from the motherland, Spain, was it an easy transition to maneuver in Miami's Hispanic Culture?

Absolutely! Coming into Miami felt like an instant connection with the community and the culture.

Growing up in Spain, were there certain expectations of you from a cultural perspective?

Like the majority of kids in Spain, I was set to become a good student so that later on I could get a nice job. Even though I was also working on becoming a professional tennis player, studies were always a priority. Even though I grew up watching my father working on growing his businesses, the entrepreneurial mindset was not something that was ingrained in me. The concept was to live a “normal” 9 to 5 balanced life – which did not resonate with what I wanted to achieve in life. Therefore, ended up going after the American Dream after high school.

Any similarities or differences you've observed between the Hispanic and the Spaniard culture?

Both cultures are very similar when it comes to the meaning of life – to enjoy our time with those we love. Although there are different approaches on how to do that, I would say that there is something magical when we get together – it is like an immediate “click” that sparks passion and positive energy around.

Tell us more about Super Luxury Group. Was real estate something you always wanted to get into?

Super Luxury Group (SLG) is a luxury real-estate media network that focuses on helping the affluent to celebrities and sell high-end properties from Miami to other jet-set locations through proven media, luxury brands, Crypto & NFT integrations, and influencer marketing. My passion for homes started from an early age, as I come from a family that is heavily involved in the real estate industry – my father is an architect/developer, my mother is in the realm of real estate, my sister is an architect and my brother is an engineer. For me, it all started by arranging luxury villa rentals and experiences at some iconic destinations, which led to building strong relationships, acquiring more knowledge, and therefore, more opportunities.