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Plant-Based Miami DOCS

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Veganism is growing in influence and Miami isn’t left out. Restaurants, hotels, spas, beauty boutiques, interior design stores, and even fitness coaches are going fully vegan in Miami. So, if you a looking to have a full week vegan trip in Miami it is completely possible.

What if you want to see a nutritionist during your visit? There are several plant-based nutritionists you can consult in Miami. You probably have one close to where you stay. With this shortlist, you can get any of the best plant-based doctors in Miami.

Dr. Irene Belaga (Psychologist)

Irene Belaga, Ph.D. is a registered Clinical Psychologist in the states of Florida and New York, as well as a certified Yoga Teacher and Hippocrates Institute Health Educator. Dr. Belaga understands the need for organic plant-based meals for brain health and immunity.

Dr. Jacque Tarlton (Holistic Nutritionist)

Dr. Jacque Tarlton is a holistic nutritionist. He is also a Certified Well coach and Plant-Based Nutrition Expert, who is dedicated to helping people improve their health by making amazing, fun, and scientifically proven lifestyle changes.

Julie Rothenberg (Nutritionist/Dietitian)

Julie Rothenberg is a proponent of mindful/intuitive eating as well as practical lifestyle adjustments. She helps with emotional/disordered eating, condition-specific nutrition (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, CKD, or PCOS), and general nutrition education about how to live a balanced lifestyle, learning how to be vegan or vegetarian safely, or corporate wellness.

Please note that she’s am not interested in weight loss and do not follow any diet plans. She believe that "All Foods Fit" and that food can be used for a variety of purposes, including FUN and FUNCTIONALITY.

Dr. Nick Borja (Surgeon)

Dr. Borja specializes in using evidence-based lifestyle change to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. His preventative medicine practice helps individuals make little but significant changes to improve their health. Dr. Borja provides one-on-one counseling, community walks, interactive culinary demonstrations, and other services to that goal.

Nicole Rodriguez (Registered Dietitian)

Nicole Rodriguez RDN is a plant-based Registered Dietitian who is assisting her community by promoting the consumption of a plant-based diet to help alleviate diseases that are often caused by excessive acidity in the body.

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