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July 1, 2021

Outdoor Summer Activities

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Outdoor Summer Activities in miami

Put on a hat, grab a parasol, and enjoy the summer. Is it this simple? Yes, because What better place to be during the summer then outside?

Attend a Concert Outside

Every year, 40 to 50 million people in the United States attend outdoor concerts—a summer classic! Find the ideal location in your region, pack a lawn chair, and enjoy a bucket-list-worthy evening of music. Get a head start on those summer concerts by kick it off with the Ocean Drive Independence Day Celebration Concert on July 4, 2021 starting at 8pm. Celebrate the Fourth of July with the Miami Beach Music Festival Orchestra and the amazing Loren Allred, the voice behind the hit song “Never Enough” from “The Greatest at Lummus Park.” Head over here for more musical serenade options in Miami.  

Attend outdoor concerts

Plant a Herb Garden

Gardening is a lot of fun, and producing your own herbs is a terrific way to encourage a healthy lifestyle and teach your children about it as well. Digging in the earth, planting seeds, raising seedlings, and watering them can be a fun activity not only for the children but adults as well. The vessel can be anything from a wooden crate to a mason jar to an old tyre, and you don't need much space.

Plant a Herb Garden

Organize a Backpacking Trip with a Friend

You haven't lived until you've gone backpacking in the wilderness. Take on Mother Nature with a couple of adventurous friends. You could do something as simple as going to the local park or a nearby county. Alternatively, plan a multi-day hike and cross “sleep under the stars” off your summer bucket list.

Backpacking Trip with a Friend

Surfing can be learned

This is a little more difficult than most of the activities on things to this summer, but you can still enjoy the sunshine while learning to catch a wave. Beginner surfing lessons are available near almost every surf beach. Right here in Miami, hit up South Pointe on South Beach Right across South Point Park, just before the pier is where the waves are strongest.

surfing can be learned in miami

Have the Best BBQ Ever

What more could you ask for in life than good food, good company, cold beers, and warm weather? One of the best ways to pass the time on a dull Saturday or Sunday afternoon is to have an Ultimate BBQ. When it comes to BBQs, everyone has their own distinct style, so don't let anyone tell you what you like. You go ahead and grill that meat in the most expert manner possible. Have fun!

Have the bbq with cold beer

Treasure Hunt

Everyone enjoys a treasure hunt, and they are so simple to put together! Simply set aside an evening to get creative with clues (and to hide things about the house while they're sleeping), and you can relax while they hunt and play. You also don't have to buy a tonne of sweets; you could simply hide their favorite toys and have one treat as the grand prize!

Treasure Hunt to get creative

Pick your own fruit at the farm and make a marmalade out of it later

Pick your own fruit at the farm and turn it into marmalade afterwards. Visit local farms that open their fields to the public to select their own crops in the spring (you can locate your nearest by doing a fast Internet search!). Create a day of it by planning to make homemade marmalade from the fruit you all picked together. It tastes so much better when you make it yourself from scratch!

Pick your own fruit at the farm

Host a mini Olympics with friends

Get competitive with your own Olympic games… in the backyard! You don’t need to stick to the classic running and jumping, you can invent your own games together and even create your own DIY medals and awards! It’ll get everyone moving and making the most of the warmer weather.

Host mini olympics with friends

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