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Mr. C Hotel's Green
Initiatives & Sustainability 

The Broward County art world has always been overshadowed by its glitzier sisters in Miami and Palm Beach. Where is Broward’s Art Basel? Its Wynwood district, its Norton Museum of Art? You can find cool pockets here and there, like Flagler Village in Fort Lauderdale and a few street corners in Hollywood, but as South Florida’s geographic middle child, Broward has always had to fight a little harder to get noticed.


Founded by a prominent Italian hospitality family, Mr. C Coconut Grove opened its newest property in 2020. The 5-story, 100-room hotel is the first Mr. C hotel in the SouthEast United States to debut at 2988 McFarlane Road. Mr. C Hotels have been designed for their internationally famous restaurants, innovative venues, nightlife, and residences, Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani from the Cipriani family. The family owns and operates Mr. C at Beverly Hills and Mr. C Seaport in New York City, as well as other facilities around the world, and is known to have

owned the Belmond Hotel in Venice, Italy, until the 1960s.


Green Initiatives and Sustainability

For their green initiatives and sustainability, Mr. C Hotel received a Silver Level certification from FGBC.


So, what makes Mr. C Hotel sustainable?


Energy Conservation

Hotels around the world are trying to reduce energy utilization while maintaining — and, whenever possible, improving — guest experience, whether for central operations such as boilers or lighting systems, kitchen appliances, and automated energy management systems. According to FGBC Hi-Rise Scorecard, Mr. C Hotel scored 31 where the minimum requirement is 15.


Water Conservation

Hotels continue to implement water-reducing efficiencies and chemicals used in water systems and clean facilities with their guest rooms, washing rooms, kitchens, pools, or spas.

Efforts include reuse programs, which are now an industry standard, to install low-flow faucets, showers, and other equipment. Mr. C Hotel was built and designed in such a way, they utilize their water system the most efficient way possible. The Hotel used Low flow Plumbing Fixtures throughout the building. They scored double the minimum requirements according to FGBC. The minimum score is ten.

Air Quality

Air quality is another important factor to build a Green and Sustainable building. The designer and architect of Mr. C Hotel built it to facilitate good air quality. To ensure indoor air quality they increased through the use of high-performance filtration systems and thermal comfort strategy. Furthermore, no smoking is allowed within the property.

Disaster Mitigation and Durability

While building a Green and Sustainable building it is important to keep in mind that it should withstand any natural disaster such as hurricanes, floods. This Hotel was designed to withstand high-speed hurricanes and most occupied areas elevated to limit flooding. It is also important to choose recycled durable materials. According to FGBC Hi-Rise Scorecard, the minimum score is 2, Mr. C Hotel scored 6.


As a Staycation Spot

Travelers insist that this hotel is more than their great location to love. Guests enjoy the friendly staff of the property, excellent (although expensive) cuisine, and lovely accommodations. Each one of the 100 rooms and suites is fitted with a wide range of high-definition TVs, a minibar, La Bottega customer toiletries, and a private balcony with a stunning view over the town or the Bay of Biscayne. The daily fee includes Wi-Fi.


Moreover, families can ask for extras such as home-made cookies and teddy bears. The facilities include a sauna, a spa room, a gym, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center. And when the time comes to eat you can enjoy Italian gourmet food or continental breakfast in the tranquil garden of Il Giardino.

The Restaurant at Mr.C extends beyond the menu, featuring


an attentive staff with a European sensibility and an atmosphere that is warm, airy and inviting. The restaurant can be easily accessed from the hotel’s lobby or through the dedicated restaurant entrance off of the main driveway.

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