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Sustainable Brands & Boutiques

It is alarming that the fashion industry generates more carbon emissions than all international flights and all maritime shipping combined—the clothes you choose directly impact the environment. Sustainable fashion is producing clothing, shoes, accessories, and other textiles using eco-friendly methods and practices. Only this way we save the world and can make our
environment habitable for all the living beings.

Sustainable fashion uses some of the most innovative methods to produce its clothes. It needs creativity to do good in the world. Miami is not new to the sustainability movement. You can see many large stores in Miami adapting to this unique fashion concept sustainably. You can make a significant impact by wearing clothes from these sustainable stores. Here we've listed some of the best sustainable brands and  boutiques in Miami.

sustainable fashion in Miami

Antidote is widely regarded as one of the top places where you can find sustainable clothing and is the place for consciously-minded individuals who want to serve the environment. This shop features vegan accessories and upcycled apparel in the most stylish as well as eco-friendly way. Sophie Zembra, the store founder, carefully creates and curates collections  that are on-trend and still classic to ensure that customers get the best possible results. The products here are free of toxins, and everything is carefully vetted according to the store values. It is impressive how this shop dedicates itself to becoming entirely eco-friendly by using non-toxic inks, recycling newspapers as shopping bags, and grosgrain ribbon from the USA. They are also sourcing tissue paper from FSC certified forests. It means for every tissue paper they order, and another tree is planted as a replacement. That really shows the level of commitment and support. It usually costs you around $130 to $145 for a piece of upcycled denim. Also, they have a super chic collection of accessories ranging from $120 to $140.

The Showroom Miami

Marilyn Sanchez is a designer that curates and creates most of the stuff here. The store itself has a very personal, fun experience, and it’s clear that the products are free of pollutants. Even the interior of the store itself is eco-friendly, which is what really makes it stand out of the crowd. They pick everything to ensure that it’s eco-conscious and it follows their guidelines and requirements.

Nomad Tribe

When you visit Nomad Tribe, you will notice they have a very cool vibe. Situated in Wynwood, the store itself is sustainable, and the brand is also focused only on sustainable products. It really manages to stand out with the entire set of ideas, while still focusing on delivering the ultimate value and quality to their customer base. They have a unique style because they travel the world to find inspiration for their products. So, while you are shopping here in Miami, you get a ton of cultural influences from around the world. They sell both men's and women's clothing here.


YOGiiZA is, as you might expect from the name, an eco-friendly designer boutique that’s focused on Yoga and sports outfits in general. This eco-friendly boutique shop in Miami sells sports and Yoga outfits solely made from organically farmed cotton that are that are free of any chemicals and toxins (i.e., herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful fertilizers.) They really want their customers to stay safe and away from any compounds that might cause any damage or health issues. Plus, the entire vibe of the store is all about eco-friendliness, sustainability and protecting the environment as much as possible. They also host daily yoga and karma events, a fun way to connect with the brand and other yogis.


Reformation does a very good job at bringing in the trendy features and ideas into the mix. It’s a super quality and trendy place where you get items created from recycled or natural clothing fibers. They care a lot about the planet and they still deliver a very good set of clothes too. That means if you want sustainability and value, it makes a lot of sense to check them out for yourself. They always rate their fiber to keep the standard of their clothing between A to B. Their dresses are unique cuts, super forward-thinking. Reformation also sells eco-friendly wedding dresses with a low cost ranging from $200-$400.

Ölsüss Skin Boutique

Olsuss Skin Boutique is a "Skin Sanctuary" where you can find mind, body, and spiritual reformation. Its primary focus is to provide natural beauty in an easy and accessible way. They hope to build a community where ethical and conscious beauty can be achieved in a simple, uncomplicated way.

Barnacle Baby Boutique

Parents and lifetime business partners Sherry Hickey and Mahmood Abousalem only have one mission: keep your little prince/ princess safe and happy, as well as keeps this planet habitable for them forever. Barnacle is heaven for lovely babies.

We are firm believers that getting sustainable clothes and pursuing sustainable fashion is a great way to protect the environment. We all have our small role in all of this, and with the right approach, the potential can be amazing. It all comes down to avoiding any rush and really delivering the best experience out there. It’s definitely not an easy thing to achieve, but if you know what you are getting into and what you can expect, nothing will stand in your way. Just try to use that to your advantage, and use these tips we shared to find some great sustainable fashion for yourself!

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