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October 01, 2021

Miami Chefs Who Opened Up Their

Own Restaurants

Miami Chefs

The food scene in Miami is one of the hottest in the country, compliments of its strong chefs who have made their culinary mark. From haute cuisine to modern food trucks, big chefs in Miami serve award-winning and appealing dishes. With a larger percentage of chefs in Miami opening their own restaurants and transforming themselves into personalities on both local and national television, it's easy to see why food enthusiasts are returning to Miami as a destination to try the best dishes. Below are some of the best chefs in Miami who own a restaurant.

Scott Conant

Scott Conant is a man vast in many things: chef, cookbook author, James Beard Award winner, and Chopped Judge. He is also the brain behind Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant with different locations from Las Vegas to the Hamptons. In Miami, Conant uses a variety of pasta, seafood, and vegetables to make dishes that show the landscape in Florida and its popular spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce, a special favorite. Other mouthwatering options are a yellow-tailed Crudo, a squat ravioli that protects duck and foie gras, and fried cheese with beach and eggplant.

Instagram handle: @conantnyc

Miami Chefs

Francis Mallmann

Chef Francis Mallmann owns a restaurant not inside South America and is located in Miami Beach, where he demonstrated his passion for live-fire cooking. Mallmann is reputable for his rapid rise as a 19-year-old restaurant owner and his Chef's Table episode. The restaurant owner offers Argentinian breakfast, lunch, and dinner in his large restaurant. The open kitchen offers guests a venue for a first-class row seat: the white chefs sprinkle pancakes with oranges and olive oil, pull out cast-iron shrimp sticks, and use wooden handles to slide crimped empanadas with prime filet or premium and caramelized onions into an oven. On Sundays, the restaurant offers an open Argentine steakhouse (called Asado), and friends and family gather to enjoy a buffet of South American dishes.

Instagram handle: @francismallmann

Miami Chefs

Michael Schwartz

Not long after the debut of Michael's Genuine Food and Drink, rising star Michael Schwartz won the James Beard Southern Chef Award. In the design area, Michael focuses on displaying local ingredients according to season. There can be a salad of Florida strawberries and ribbons with ricotta cheese salad or a wood snapper sprinkled with mint green sauce and local pumpkin puree. Products usually come from farms like Bee Heaven Farm, Teena's Pride, and Palmetto Creek Farms that are within reach. For dessert, you can stay around to take out the silky lemon pie hidden under an ambiance of torched meringue.

Instagram handle: @chefmschwartz

Miami Chefs

Nobu Matsuhisa

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has different restaurants in different locations (38 restaurants in five continents). The restaurant also extends to the Miami beaches, where he has been preparing his famous miso-brushed black cod, which started in 2016. At this Robert De Niro restaurant, you can enjoy your meal on the patio or stay inside under the moody atmosphere. Things like lobster ceviche, rock shrimp tempura, wagyu, and others can be seen on every table. Besides, many nigiri and rolls are constantly overflowing with varieties such as toro and smoked salmon skin.

Instagram handle: @therealnobu

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