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Miami Bartenders Shaking Things Up

Orange Cocktail

Although Miami has always been known for its hilarious lifestyle on South Beach, it is only in the last decade that the city has climbed the list of the best cocktail bars in America and is in line with New York when it comes to talent, creativity, and popularity, while drinks are easy to prepare, it takes an excellent bartender to prepare a tasty cocktail and attract the attention of the guests while making them come back for more.

Danilo Dacha Božovic

Danilo Božovic came around two years ago to start the Miami Beach Outpost shortly after serving as the bartender in New York. Although the popular bar has since closed, Božovic has taken root in the Miami bar scene. He wrote the book Bartending: The Guide to Becoming a Professional Bartender and is about writing another that focuses on swizzled cocktails. He recently redesigned the bar menu at many Faena branches. The bartender is known for his ability to serve a drink consistently without using jiggers or other measuring devices. Now it is reopening its Swizzle Rum Bar, where rum lovers will soon be able to witness him show off his tiki skills. 

Instagram handle: @danilodacha.bozovic

Miami Bartender

Eddie Fuentes

Eddie Fuentes is a Miami bartender known for his classic "Miami spin cocktail" and Guayaba Colada (rum Don Q Cristal, coconut cream, guava, and cold-pressed pineapple juice), etc. His latest business project is a handmade cocktail bar called Spanglish in Wynwood. As the name suggests, it will attract a large group of crossovers to Miami Beach. In addition, he is a partner at Cocktail Cartel, a beverage consulting firm that has served various cutting-edge clients like JW Marriott to review their beverage programs. 

Instagram handle: @eddiedalefuentes

Miami Bartender

Fraser Hamilton

Fraser Hamilton, a Sweet Liberty bar manager, has worked in different places in Miami; this includes Blackbird and Beaker & Gray.  He is basically an encyclopedia of knowledge on bars, so when Time Out Market Miami needed a cocktail menu to showcase the city’s best bars, it was not surprising that the show included Hamilton. As a representative of Sweet Liberty, he made two cocktails for the restaurant’s special menu, including a 50/50 martini called Five-O Five-O, made of Plymouth gin, vermouth, blueberries, and grapes. Pomelo is made by the sous-vide cooking method and some blueberries.

Instagram handle: @jacobiteofalltrades

Miami Bartender

Derek Stilmann

After representing Miami in many competitions, Stillman has a solid reputation both domestically and internationally. For example, he was in London to take part in the Bombay Sapphire "Most Imaginary Bartender" competition. He was also a member of the Miami bartender team during Cocktail Story 2018. He currently works as a bartender at The Sylvester Bar, which was recently voted "Trendiest Bar in Midtown Miami."

Instagram handles: @derek_stilmann

Miami Bartender

Valentino Longo

The former La Moderna bartender is the creative genius behind the cocktail menu at Le Sirenuse restaurant and the Champagne Bar at Surf Club Miami. He is best known for using Mediterranean flavors in his cocktails, "Hint of Woods" cocktail, which already contains rosemary essence, and honey with a cocktail that already contains grappa, blood orange liqueur, lemon juice, and rosemary syrup.

Instagram Handle: @valentino_longo

Miami Bartender
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