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September 30, 2020

Celebrating Two Years

Make-up / Nataliia Nosokas | IG @nataliiamakeupartist
Cybil Bonhomme, Miami Vibes Magazine Editor in Chief

It’s a balmy late summer afternoon on Española Way. Once a buzzing street in the heart ofMiami Beach, the historic lane feels more quaint than ever with café tables spread out across the cobblestone lane. Underneath the bougainvillea of the newly opened El Paseo Hotel, Cybil Bonhomme sends off a few business emails from her phone before stepping out in front of the camera. While she feels more comfortable in lip gloss than full hair and make-up, it’s a celebratory issue — and she doesn’t mind being out of her comfort zone for her brand. October marks the second anniversary of Miami Vibes Magazine, and what was once a passion project has now become a full-blown lifestyle for this editor-in-chief. When asked how she would sum the past two years, she euphorically grins from ear to ear and responds,“Awesome”.

From the beginning, Cybil’s primary focus has been to get the magazine out to the masses and share the extraordinary things Miami has to offer. And two years later, what continues to fuel her journey is the desire to get to know the people that make this city so unique.

Cybil Bonhomme, Miami Vibes Magazine

For an issue celebrating entrepreneurism, is there any advice you wish you could give yourself when you were first starting out

in 2018?

“Just know that it’s a struggle, but you’re going to learn something new every single day.”

Do you have any advice for people that are thinking about starting their own business?

“I’m not going to lie, it’s super scary. It’s still scary. But it’s a fun process that lets you be creative in new, unique ways. Starting your own thing allows you to be adventurous and take risks. I never thought in a million years I would start a magazine or even be an entrepreneur! It’s incredibly rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Cybil Bonhomme, Miami Vibes Magazine

This year has been hard on a lot of entrepreneurs, how have you been able to stay positive through it all?

“I always like to see the upside of things… the pandemic has of course been tragic for everybody and I lost my vibes...literally. But it gave me the chance to think outside the box. I realized a lot of people were reaching out to the magazine to share their stories, tips and tricks during the pandemic. This kept me motivated to help support the community during this time of crises, whether it was sharing their story or virtual events. “Miami Vibes has always been about events but also having people come together and supporting one another...just this time it had to be

done virtually.”

Cybil Bonhomme, Miami Vibes Magazine

As for what’s next for Miami Vibes, her team continues to revamp the website regularly for design and function. There’s a lot of great local stories to tell — pandemic or not — and each one needs its own place to shine. Beyond that, she is expanding her recently launched athleisure clothing line. The line felt like a natural next step for this entrepreneur since, after all, the magazine has extended so far past the printed pages to a way of just being and vibing.

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