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Must-Try Ice Cream Parlors to Visit in Miami this Summer

Word / Miami Vibes Magazine | IG: miamivibesmag

ice cream in Miami

Let's face it, we practically don't have a winter anymore. So, not only do we get to go to the beach all year round we can also cream! Fortunately, Miami offers some fantastic ice cream selections for you to enjoy all throughout the year.  Here are the best ice cream places that you can visit in Miami this summer.

Aubi & Ramsa

This is not your regular ice cream parlor. They serve their diverse range of ice cream with booze. So, ditch all your plans of going to the bar or an ice cream place. As you can get both from Aubi & Ramsa in Miami. They have several branches, just find your nearest one and enjoy the day!


Morelia Gourmet Paletas

This is for the DIY fans. You can construct your own ice cream with the packs that they provide at Morelia Gourmet Paletas. Show your creativity and create something that you will love to eat. We will suggest that you take your friends with you and check who makes the best custom ice cream.


The Frieze Ice Cream Factory

The Frieze Ice Cream Factory is the best homemade ice cream that you can find in the parlor. This has been the staple for many people in Miami. The credit goes to their innovative ideas and thick ice cream. You can clearly tell that the quality is good and that the ice cream is made with sheer love and attention. The Frieze Ice Cream Factory is like the local staple in Miami. You can never go wrong with the classic flavors served in a cone. The best thing about this place is that you can go anytime you want and you will be served fresh ice cream.


Mr Kream Ice Cream Shop

The ice cream is great BUT the shop is so colorful that you will not want to get out of there once you step in. and as far as the flavors are concerned - their carrot cake ice cream is an all-time favorite.


On top of this, the shop is Instagram-worthy. You can light up your day by having their delicious ice cream AND your Instagram by their funky backdrop.


Azucar - Time Out Market

If Miami has a distinctive ice cream flavor it will be whatever Acuzar is selling.  The Little Havana scoop store, which now has a facility inside Time Out Market Miami, transforms the city's sights, sounds, and people into one-of-a-kind combos. Take the Abuela Maria (vanilla ice cream, Maria cookies, guava, and cream cheese) and the seasonal Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon rolls, which owner Suzy Batlle soaks in bourbon and then blends into homemade ice cream


Vicky's House

Vicky's House in Coconut Grove is a small dessert bar designed after a '80s kitchen, complete with vintage appliances (including beer in the washing machine), aesthetic  wallpaper, and an original Nintendo in the corner. They serve stoner fantasy milkshakes with donuts dangling from the straw and Twinkies protruding out of the whipped cream, and it's' chessy’ in a good way.  You can come here for just a scoop and a beer, but why not go all out with a ice cream shakes  that promises sweatpants at the end of the night?


Lulu's Nitrogen Ice Cream

Lulu's ice cream is made on the spot. Literally. Choose a flavor, which ranges from vanilla to Nutella, then add mix-ins, and it will be made on the spot with the help of liquid nitrogen. Takeout and delivery options are available.


Salt & Straw

The Wynwood and Coconut Grove branches of Salt & Straw feature everything that has made this national scoop store so popular: intriguing flavors, local partnerships, and ice cream that is really good. The bacon biscuit crumble with pickle caramel, pineapple coconut cream pie, and honey lavender flavors rotate frequently, but if you want to surprise your taste buds go for bacon biscuit crumble with pickle carmel, pineapple coconut cream pie, and honey lavender. They also have a Salty Donut guava and cheese as well as a chocolate tres leches prepared with Panther coffee when we visited. There are also to-go pints available, allowing you to stock your freezer with any flavor you fall in love with.


Sweet Melody

Sweet Melody may be selling your favorite  ice cream in Miami. In West Kendall,  they have a little ventanita, and in Palmetto Bay, they have a scoop store. Both provide a rotating menu of delicious and inventive tastes, such as rosewater-infused baklava ice cream with mascarpone cheese. The flavor of their guava and cream cheese is really fantastic. And they're continually experimenting with new flavors based on horoscopes or Office characters. You can count on getting some of the greatest ice cream you've ever had on any given trip here.

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