December 15, 2020

How to Have a Miami Getaway in Your Very Own Backyard

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Have you been missing the Miami beach but travel restrictions are putting you down? Don't worry, here are a few ways for you to bring the feeling of the calm sandy beach and soothing waves in your own backyard.

A Classic Beach Chair and an Umbrella

What better to remind you of the Miami beach than an umbrella? Set up one in your backyard. Go for the classic look of having a beach chair with an umbrella to give a shade over it. Here are a few beach chairs that can give your backyard the instant Miami look you’re looking for.

Swing Away on a Hammock or Get Comfy in Sofas

A hammock is ideal if you have a super-strong tree in your backyard or any rigid supports. Though you need to go for a serious inspection before you decide how to set up your hammock. Whether you have a setup for a hammock or not, you can always have sofas and cushions around, as they are the basics.

Set Up a Pool as Your Mini Miami Beach

Missing the Miami beach means you’re missing being immersed in the water. You can set a DIY pool in your backyard using a few items. Depending on the size of your backyard, here are a few ideas for your very own pool.  Also since the winter is here, it is good to have a relevant heating system to keep the water warm.

Home decor, Home design, Interior Design Trends for 2021, Miami Vibes Magazine

Backyard Bonfire for the Nights

What better to remind you of nights at the Miami beach than bonfires in your very own backyard? Get started by making a circle with either bricks or stones, then follow these instructions. Don’t forget to keep safety tools nearby, like a fire extinguisher or hosepipe.

Volleyball Play Area

Whatever your age may be, being idle can get exhausting. Designate an area in your backyard for volleyball, one of the most played sports at beaches. A net and ball would be the least you would require and there are many variations to choose from.

After you’re done setting up, relax, and imagine the waves of Miami beach in your backyard. You can also play some ocean sound music to add to the mood!