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Love, Fitness + Twerking: 
Starr Hawkins

For Mother's Day, we wanted to highlight a woman that bears the word mom in her name; Starr Hawkins also know by her IG name as "Baby Momma Fit." Her story fills us with positive change through her approach to fitness, hard work, and setting the example of what it means to be healthy in mind and body. Starr's amazing story reminds us of how we can find success by adapting to our circumstances

and making the most out of our workout.


We met Starr and her husband in Wynwood and this was our conversation:

Baby momma Fit x Miami Vibes Magazine

Tell us a fun fact about what you do?

I think I make exercise more fun with twerking. When I started I felt like it was looked down especially as a mom. since doing my virtual workout classes and even my in-person twerking became part of the workout and it kept it fun and interesting. Really accepting any type of woman whether you're tattooed you're a mom you're not a mom, older-younger, any body type. Twerking has become part of the workouts now. It's a twerking workout.

You've taken Twerking to another level. Tell me about the twerking workout. How did that come about?

I was always twerking and dancing. We live in Miami so I like to dance. I've gone to dancing classes but was never coordinated enough to be a dancer but I found a way to incorporate


dance into more of a boot camp-style class so the person without rhythm can follow along. And it's actually a really good workout for having fun and trying to enjoy the workout.

I've taken bits and pieces I liked about dance and twerk classes and found a way to incorporate that into my own type of workout as more of Bootcamp or a palate spaced form or exercise.

Keeping it fun and everyone loves it!

Who most enjoys your classes?

I Definitely cater more towards women. I've had lots of moms some of which I've trained before and after pregnancy. I attract a lot of pregnant, postpartum women who want to get back into shape or who want to stay fit during pregnancy. Staying fit helps with their labor.

I also train wives with their husbands and on my live cyber workout, I also have a couple of guys that will join. Girls will try to get their boyfriends on but they usually require different workouts. Nevertheless, sometimes the guys can hang. But I would say I'm more of a girls girl and do more female bodies.

On my Monday to Friday 12p zoom classes you'll see it all, Babies of zoom, dogs of zoom grabbing weights, and since it's a kid-friendly zoom, people even bring their kids to the class. I think it's really important to see your kids see you working out.

How did you become one of the most well-sought-after trainers in Miami?

I've always been really good at engaging and connecting with people which led me to work at Barry's Bootcamp as a desk girl. There I started to get really good at fitness which was an outlet for me after becoming sober. People started telling me I should teach so I tried several


times but did does not make it. But after the third time not making it I got approached by Jet Set, a Pilates studio. Once I got that teaching down and they were able to develop me more I went back to Barry's. At Barry's, I held my first free class at 12 that got so packed with people supporting me that some had to take the class in the hallway.


After that, I started getting the name clients; Models, the Miami housewives that aren't the Miami housewives, the moms, the socialites. I also started doing collaborations with Instagram girls by working out with them which led to my class getting so booked that it became hard to get into. Everything else grew from there on.


How many people did you start off with and how many did you have now?

Since covid hit, I moved all my clients to virtual which is around 400 subscribers. Recently I've had a girl from NY fly down to Miami just to do that class at the Moxy and another girl from Denver is coming to the next Moxy event.

The pandemic really opened up my class to a broader audience of clients around the world.

Based on your name (baby momma fit) we can hear that you're a mom. Do you involve your kid in what you do?

Yes! I was the first one of my friends to have a kid so all my friends would call me Baby momma and then it became baby momma Starr, and then I got fit so it was baby momma fit.

I love the fact that "Baby Momma" used to be a negative name and that I turned it into something more positive like "Yea, I'm a baby momma but…" It definitely has a positive meaning to it now.

As a mom I always took my daughter everywhere so when I was at Barry's, she was at Barry's. When I was at the desk working, she would be at the smoothie bar coloring on the cups. We've also done classes together, Mom and me classes.

I was very fortunate that every job I've ever had has been really open with me bringing my daughter along. I've always had that support.

I think she's more of a dancer rather than that fitness stuff that I do but she's been a big part of my identity and who I am. She's part of my brand.

Mothers day is coming up. What's the most important thing for you as a mom?

I think just being consistent and feeling stable because you really want to provide for your kids.

Even with your mental health, if you're not healthy or happy it's not good for your child. For me, having that stability means finding something that I love to do, having healthy mental health means that I can be there 100 percent for my daughter.

It's not easy being a mom and especially not during covid. Even this year was a hard year for us because my daughter was homeschooling and it was hard for me to teach classes in the beginning.

Being a fitness mom, what do you do during parent career day?

Yes, I do it at her Scholl every year for all the grades. The kinder gardeners and 1st graders do burpees and then they’ll actually burp and It's hilarious, The 5th graders have attitudes and break my pads and stuff, and that’s ok, that's what I "look forward to with my own kid."

I'll also give the teachers my only fans link to do my workout. I'm pretty sure they want to twerk too.

What are you doing for Mother's day?

I'm going to NY on Mother's day. I'm doing a whole Mother's day series at the Walker Hotels and they're going to be doing tattoos for Moms.

That was too on-brand for me, I was like "I have to be here for this."

What's your 2020 story?

In the beginning, it was scary but business was booming, I went from seeing certain clients 2 times a week to five times a week.

I was working a lot, to the point where I almost felt blessed during the pandemic. But I knew some people weren't and they were stuck at home with their kids. To pay it forward I had companies like Coyo taco, who were offering me free food, donate 50 meals to people who needed it more than I did.

Around that time I also started doing a free live every day at 12 which became my class that I now have the 400 subscribers on. I put in the work for 6 weeks every day to pay it forward because in fitness you couldn't wait for the gyms and classes to open again. You had to get it, and if you were creative especially online, people came out of it very well.

It was a good year for me, I got married, I went to London and took my daughter with me.


How do your followers experience your OnlyFans classes, and what do you want them to walk away with?


I post a zoom code on my site for those who want to join the live class, and if they can't, I post the zoom code to my only fans page.

I like zoom because I can see people doing the workouts. I call it the accountability cam. There I'm like the MC, the hype girl. I think people enjoy it because we're all able to feed off each other's energy.


I want people to leave workouts better as when they came. Mental health is huge. I'd rather have you just show up. It's an inside job and fitness is just a piece of it. We can't work out every day too, so when you got to stop working out, you have to be good you know.


Tell me about the two Starr's, Miami's hottest couple!

He was visiting from the UK and went to a competition at the Miami convention center.

I saw a bunch of hot guys on bars with tattoos and told myself I need to hang over there.

Then someone yelled out "Starr" and we both turned around. From that point I tagged him in a bunch of stories and commented; OMG I found another Starr! He hit me up later and we hung out. It was history after that.

After we started dating and then covid hit. It got pretty serious and ended up staying in London for 4 months.

Do you both have goals together?

We have been doing these Snapchat series together that's almost like a pilot for a show. We really want to travel more and try to do workouts wherever we go. We also did a vlog series and he's gotten really good at video. I do the workout and my husband does the video!

But mainly growing our businesses together while also just keeping a healthy relationship. Keep that healthy balance.

You're a walking work of art! Tell me about your most valued tattoos

I'm like a "however I'm feeling" tattoo person. I'm impulsive. That's been my downfall sometimes.

I love the portraits. I have a portrait of my daughter, my dog, Kanye West because we have the same birthday and I love him as an artist. The portrait tattoos have the most meaning to me.

How have you seen fitness in Miami grow?

It's definitely a lifestyle and a fashion. You can wear biker shorts to your favorite gym and then go out later and wear them with heels. At a point, it's also a form of meeting people. It’s a social thing like; "who's your trainer or who has the hottest trainer."

It's also grown into a Miami sub-culture. It doesn’t matter if your body's done or not done, you still want to be a part of it. Even the classes turn into scenes. All the Moms go to the same classes, then do dinner, and then go to the same club after.

It’s a great trend, I like it. I like that people want to be healthy.



How can people find you and get fit with you?

Instagram. I always answer my DMs on my Instagram and always have the link of my OnlyFans with a 2-week free subscription. That’s my Monday to Friday 12 pm class. It's 30 dollars a month which is a dollar a day.

Then I do a Moxy Blue Check Sunday once a month. The Moxy is a new hotel on South Beach that just opened and is the only public class that I'm doing at the moment.

I miss the pilates studio and I miss doing the classes but I really love the virtual class because you can just hit so many more people. Besides privates, parties and birthdays, that's the class where everyone can join.


I work out from anywhere so definitely hit me up online. That’s the move.





Only Fans Class:

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