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June 2nd

Rodeo Swim

The highly anticipated Rodeo Swim Fashion Show powered by is set to captivate fashionistas on June 2nd, 2024 from 7 PM to 11 PM at the prestigious 1111 Lincoln Road (7th Floor) Venue Space overlooking the beautiful downtown Miami metropolis during this year's globally renowned Swim Week season, spotlighting seven fashion swimwear brands along with a variety of unique fashion, beauty, culinary, and wellness brands.

During this unforgettable swim week fashion event, guests will be mesmerized by cutting-edge swimwear trends as they are transported to an electrifying atmosphere filled with glamour, fashion amidst a western cowboy country setting like never before seen. Rodeo Swim’s red carpet will kick off at 7 PM for VIP guests, followed by A VIP soiree mixer leading up to the night’s main event of stylish cowboy glitz swimwear runway shows, beginning at 9 PM. 

“Country glitz and glam is the theme for our iconic swim week event happening on Miami Beach this summer. Inspired by Beyonce’s globally successful Cowboy Carter album, I’m excited to produce this iconic swim week runway show that will feature some of the most innovative fashion and beauty brands in the industry. It will definitely be an unforgettable, must-see event of the season,” said Ailene Torres, executive director and producer of Rodeo Swim.

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