January 01, 2021

New Interior Design Looks for 2021

In the year 2020, where most of our time has been spent at home, there has been a shift in consumer trends. Home decor and furnishing have remained one of the topmost selling products online in the United States. And the love for home revamping will keep flourishing as we step into 2021 soon. So let's catch up on a few new looks for 2021.

Bringing in the Green

The pandemic has inspired many homemakers to bring the green inside. Plants are never out of fashion. Not only do they look good, but they provide a natural environment indoors. Here are a few good indoor plants in Miami.

Work-from-Home Offices

Minimalism will be the key to home offices. Setting up workspaces with neutral backdrops and less material around is key, making it ideal for video conferences. Here are a few home office setup ideas from Florida Independent.

Neutral Colors With a Bit of Bright

With work from home gaining momentum, it is important to have decent backdrops. In Miami, neutral colors like grays and light tones of blues and greens have been suggested to remain in the trend. But new looks in 2020 will have bright colored furnishing and home decor, to set a lively mood along with the calm tones.

Wood and More Natural Elements

This includes wood interiors, like wooden flooring and walls, just like this wooden innovative look in Miami. Setups to let more natural light in will also be trending in 2021. It’s time to say goodbye to darkness.

Minimal and Abstract Decoration
Keeping in mind the essence of simplicity, minimal home decor brands will be on the rise. Abstract products are to be in the trends, to create the illusion of space. Minimalism will also encourage easier cleaning and maintenance.

A lot of these trends will be global since the pandemic has inspired almost all of them. All in all in 2021, homeowners will want their homes to remind them of nature and with easy maintenance.

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