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Grooming with Sustainability:
Brands for Men

We used to think "green" products were a bit of a slow effect than their chemically-rich products. But now we started considering cut-off polluting mega brands for our healthy and sustainable future. Eco-friendly products tend to minimize their impact on the environment in several ways. The packaging can be fully recyclable, compostable or non-existent, the natural raw ingredients are purely organic, or they can be vegan. Animal agriculture is indeed a significant contributor to climate change. Green products also won't react with your hormones or pollute the broader environment with harmful chemicals (like parabens, PEGs, BHA, BHT, phthalates and reef-killing oxybenzone). So, beauty brands are turning their products eco-friendly and sustainable day by day. Women's brands are far more advanced than men's brands. Here are some
of the sustainable men's grooming products you can get quickly.
Here are some

Grooming with sustainable products

V76 by Vaughn Clean Shave Hydrating Gel

V76 by Vaughn Clean Shave Hydrating Gel Cream is quickly making their name known in the

It's safe to say that V76 by Vaughn knows a thing or two. It is a pure, sustainable product made of organic/ vegan ingredients and is manufactured in a cruelty-free manner. It ensures that your skin not only stays smooth throughout the shaving process but remains soft and well moisturized once you leave the house. This Gel contains rich moisturizers like aloe vera leaf juice and vitamin E—one of the best sustainable products produced in Miami.


Badger is a family-owned and family running body care company. They use pure plant extracts, exotic oils, beeswax and minerals that require minimal processing. Today the brand creates products naturally that are rich in oxidants and vitamins for a healthier planet. Also more beneficial for the consumer. Their highly recommended product is the moustache wax which is organic and is made from 100% Carnauba Wax for a medium hold.



Korres proudly claim to use 99% recyclables and, wherever possible, uses recycled materials in manufacturing its products. It is surprising that 98% of its products are shipped in other ways than flying, reducing its carbon footprint. The production method is 'no-waste'. It means that each part of the plants used to derive their ingredients ends up in the complete product. The natural men's Magnesium & Wheat Proteins Anti-Hair Loss shampoo is their signature product among many other products.


You should take a premium approach to your skin, as Lumin. We're particularly fond of the brand's Exfoliating Rub and Dark Circle Defense.

Brickell Men's Products

The sunny, sandy beaches of Miami cause your next men grooming product buying. Brickell Men's Products uses its home in south Florida to the best for the guy on the go. They have all types of products, from face wash to moisturizer and acne control.

Ursa Major

The best men's grooming brands for being refreshed in mind as well as a face while working outdoor. That's the mission behind Vermont-based Ursa Major. A natural skincare line inspired by the state's natural beauty. Brand's Face Wipes and Face Balm for a quick shot to start the day smoothly.

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