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Girly Manly Drinks and

Where to Find Them

cocktails in Miami

This is a new "listening bar" which features vinyl records and highballs served by resident DJ Dante Rosso-Gonzalez as he spins his extensive collection of music from the likes you've never heard before - unless maybe it's some Japanese groove that gets your motor running! This small but intimate space only holds 50 people at once, so come prepared for an unforgettable experience where everyone will be able to share their thoughts about this great city together over drinks (and snacks). Their speciality cocktail are Japanese whiskey highballs, but don’t sleep on the Strange Fruit, served with simple vodka, melon liqueur, watermelon peel, cardamom, chartreuse, citrus and fresh mint.


An intimate indoor bar and lounge, the Monterrey Bar is an ode to the hotel’s past, paying homage to its name. The bar features twists on classics like a gin martini and “Root Chakra" made from tequila Campari dried. With elevated cocktails and indulgent bites that are the perfect way to kick off your night or wind down for a bro’s night out.


La Otra, the famous Miami restaurant and bar known for its trendy atmosphere, has moved to a new location in Wynwood. Now patrons can enjoy all of La Otra's signature features, including their famous disco balls hanging from above as well as large mix-and-match sofas that are perfect when facing off against one another across this cozy indoor space designed just right by lush plants adorning each side wall along with an exquisite drink menu full of creative options like "Lucia" made classic with tequila; lime juice mixed perfectly at your request - whatever you desire really! And if it's outdoor seating instead? No worries there either because they've got plenty available outside too.

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