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Yas González & Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Fashion Show at GARY NADER ART CENTRE

Yas González, a prominent Cuban-American designer, has made her mark in the world of fashion with a strong and distinctive identity, recognized by British Vogue as a "rising star." Her aesthetic combines the cultural richness of her Cuban heritage with contemporary trends,creating designs that
celebrate Latin identity.

Agatha has held the esteemed position of being a guest of honor and a representative of Spanish fashion on prominent global runways. As a result of her daring and vibrant designs, she has become one of the most widely acknowledged designers, both nationally and internationally.

Guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, dancing and singing along to Agatha's phenomenal show. Each meticulously crafted piece paraded down the catwalk, complemented by extraordinary works of art, brought immense joy to the audience.

Photography by Giano Currie

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