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Lain Snow, the highly acclaimed swimwear designer from North Carolina, unveiled a family-centric new swimwear collection, titled 'Coastal Cowboy,' with the opening show at Paraiso Miami Swim Week on Thursday, June 8. The collection celebrated swimsuits for the entire family; familiar faces of popular TikTok and Instagram families hit the runway with their minis. Attendees loved the fun blend of coastal charm and western-inspired aesthetics, for the ultimate mommy and me matching pieces.

The 'Coastal Cowboy' swimwear collection, designed exclusively for women and their kids, reflects Lain Snow's commitment to blending coastal vibes with classic southern fashion - a love that has been deeply rooted in the brand since it first launched in 2021. Leaning into the cowboy theme this year, Lain Snow took their collection to new heights by collaborating with iconic Aspen brand, KemoSabe to accessorize the swimwear pieces with an exquisite range of cowboy hats and boots. The collaboration elevated the collection, bringing something completely new to Paraiso while adding a nice contrast to the beautifully bright looks.

Lain Snow

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