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In celebration of F1, The CP Group curated their "Beyond The Paddock" programming for the second year, in partnership with the Nobu Hotel on Miami Beach on May 4th - May 5th. This season’s Beyond the Paddock brought together a mix of high-profile attendees including VIPs, celebrities, pro-athletes, press, media, tastemakers, influencers and Formula 1 enthusiasts to experience a lounge with curated brands and upscale services.

Guests entered the penthouse suite and were greeted by a colorful butterfly piece created by renowned Miami artist Roman Feral before they moved into the spacious living room that featured curated vignettes of each brand. Glossier’s balm dot com, their newest line G-suite and Gossier You perfume rollerball were peppered across the main table with travel sized Bloat supplements from Arrae. The Nobu Hotel featured a bar with crafted drinks for guests complimentary of Gorgie, Body Vodka, Don Julio, Johnnie Walker Black and Tanqueray.

Across the living room, featured a wall of IGK’s hair products including their full Good Behavior line, First Class dry shampoo, Beach Club texture spray and Crybaby anti frizz serum, with Pirelli hats gracing the other side. Theme Dresser set up a fashion rack featuring their best Formula 1 styles along with some of their best selling custom made hats for guests to shop from. While Caracas bakery served espresso and freshly baked goods for the early guests to enjoy. Across the balcony, Miami Beach Bum set up an SPF cart featuring their most popular products and fun popsicles for attendees.

Beyond the Paddock

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