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Fit for a King

Words: Michelle Wallace IG @my.michelle.w
Photography: Sergey Yusin @sergey_yusin
Wardrobe: Jaxson Maximus @jaxsonmaximus
Make-up: Julia Brig @juliabrigmia
Miami Vibes Magazine June Feature

Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Miami-based Zach Fazz — better known as King Fazz — has done exactly that since his days as a high school triathlete. The 30-year-old Holistic Athletic Advisor and Life Coach began training clients at age 17, but kept it a secret for many years, often offering his services free of charge.

His passionate nature and proven results quickly earned him a cult-like following in Hollywood, where he became the go-to fitness guru for celebrities and celebrity athletes. He defines his training style as one that’s done with love and tenacity, with a focus on transference of energy — and bit of rule breaking, too.


Determined to not become the stereotypical jock-turned-trainer, Fazz kept his profession under wraps for many years, but now almost a decade later, he’s proudly taken his throne as a leader and source of inspiration in the South Florida fitness community.

How did you come to be called King Fazz?

Fazz is my last name, ‘King’ is what people have called me along my journey, and as I became older, I began to understand why. A King is someone who lives for his people. A fearless man who will go to undying measures to help, protect, and inspire those around him. A man who does not seek the spotlight yet commands the attention of everyone as he walks into a room. I’ve felt this way since I was two years old, and now I’m able to embrace it more than ever.


How did you become a personal trainer?

It wasn’t a profession that I sought after, it just kind of happened. Clients quickly took notice of my passionate being, which is how word of me spread so quickly throughout Los Angeles. I was actually embarrassed to have the title of “personal trainer”… so embarrassed that I turned down an interview segment with Dr. Oz that would feature me as Hollywood’s celebrity trainer. Looking back on it, it was silly to turn down such an opportunity. It wasn’t until I realized how many people on Instagram were claiming to be “trainers”— without actual knowledge of what they were doing — that gave me the incentive to go public in 2012. 


Miami Vibes Magazine June Feature

What does men’s health mean to you?

I believe every man should be in great shape. A man should always be on his toes, ready to help, protect, and assist in any way he can, at any moment. He should be ready for anything! Muscles are great and all, but this extends further into stamina, making wise decisions, and going back to the basics of being a gentleman.  

Was there ever a time in your life that you felt unhealthy?

Oh yeah, I was once consumed by food and believed I could not function without it. My intake was ridiculous, like that of a body builder. I couldn’t live without food! I still to this day have the same capability to out-eat just about anyone if I wanted to, but that’s just not healthy.

Miami Vibes Magazine June Feature

What’s an average day of meals for you?

It depends on the month since I tend to mix up my eating styles up quite often. The body gets stagnant after a while, and so does the mind.


Is there anything that might surprise people about your diet or exercise?

I fast every single day from 6am to 6pm, and during that time I’ll only drink 2 gallons of water with ginger and turmeric, plus the occasional cafecito.


What’s your favorite cheat food?

I don’t call it cheating… but my pick would be warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Miami Vibes Magazine June Feature

What does an average workout look like for you?

I mix it up every day. So, I’d say anything that gets my heart going and challenges me.


Where is your favorite place to work out?

I believe we have an advantage of living in this city. It’s so much easier to get shredded and burn calories while just being active under the hot Miami sun, because it acts like a natural sauna, and I can enjoy myself while I’m at it! I love kayaking, body surfing, beach volleyball, rollerblading, jet skiing, full court basketball, hosting beach boot camps — you name it.

Do you think Miami has affected the way you perceive health?

I often hear “Wow, it’s hard to stay fit in Miami,” but everything is mental… so it’s just mind over matter. If anything, living here has motivated me to get into better shape.

What do you tell your personal training clients to motivate them?

Just be yourself and don’t worry about what the other guy is doing with his clients. Do what feels right. And if you need help, seek it! Authenticity is key.

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