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48 Hours: Experience the Hispanic Culture in Miami in 2 Days

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Over 500 years after the first group of Spaniards arrived in Florida, the appeal and feel of everything that has to do with the Latinos and Hispanics are very strong. The Latin descendants have multiplied over the years, and the new ones from around have also joined, making them a bigger imprint.


There is no other place to experience the Hispanic culture to the fullest than in Miami, where the past of the Spaniards links to the present of the Hispanic, which aims at the future. The flavor of the various Caribbean, Iberian, south, and Central American influences, mostly the Cuban, have been seen to always turn up at every corner. The city of Miami is known for its fun, culture, heartwarming, festivals, etc. Many people also believe that the Hispanic culture is one reason everybody wants to be in Miami. As much as this might sound like an exaggeration, spending only two days in Miami and experiencing many Hispanic cultures might give you the same mindset. They are famous for their Latin sound and taste, historic, iconic, and cultural symbolic sight.


Two days might sound too short, but read through and see how you can experience the Hispanic culture in 48 hours.


MORNING: As much as you'd love to start your day with lots of fun and partying, starting with the Freedom Tower will give you a warm sense of welcome.

A lot of Hispanics know the story of how this place earned its name. Thousands of Cuban refugees had passed through the doors of this town in search of a hearty welcome, help, and above all, freedom. The tower, however, had been there long ago before this mass of Hispanics came to it in the 60s and 70s; however, during and after those turbulent times as the "Ellis Island of the South," it earned its name. Now you've had a proper welcome and freedom; you can now choose to enjoy yourself.

AFTERNOON: In the afternoon, you can make your next stop at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, popularly known as "The Cuban." This museum teaches you a lot about the Hispanic culture; you'll be wowed about what you find there. This is because the museum was dedicated to teaching and telling the Hispanics' history, culture, and contributions. And it does it, in its own words, "through the eyes of its greatest artists, thinkers, and creators."


EVENING/NIGHT: Many people look out for the nightlife in other places; Miami isn't different.


You can choose to stop by El Patio or Proyecto Tulum (temporarily closed) in Wynwood to enjoy some Latin music outdoors, or you can also go for some casual night hang-out with craft beers and live entertainment.


MORNING: On the morning of your second day, you can decide to stroll through South Pointe Park, which is located at the southernmost tip of the South beach. Make sure you enjoy the morning sun before it gets too hot. Strolling on this park will give you some amazing views; sweeping waterfront views of Biscayne Bay, Fisher Island, amazing walking paths, grassy lots, sculpture, and Downtown Miami. While walking through this part, you can either choose to join the locals playing Futbol, walk down to the South Pointe Pier to join others in the popular fishing spot.

AFTERNOON: In the afternoon of the second day, you can head down to the  Calle Ocho, one of Miami's most emblematic streets. Like the modern-day Hispanic, the Calle Ocho is a house to Homemade Cigar shops, authentic ventanitas, colorful storefronts, and spiritual stores that'll take you to the heart of the Hispanic culture.



NIGHTTIME: For your second night in Miami, don't miss enjoying a Night at Floyd (downtown Miami), a luxe speakeasy and club space that attracts lots of amazing DJs around the world. It's Miami; no matter where you go, the party goes well into the early morning, and the Hispanics love to party. 

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