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Twill and Texture Women's Day Event

Experience Wonderland: A Brunch Celebration of Women in Design Twill and Texture, the esteemed wallcovering brand nestled in Buena Vista, recently hosted an illustrious brunch gathering to commemorate Women's Day.

Teaming up with House of Fixtures and Pozy Flowerist, they orchestrated a remarkable event aimed at honoring Miami's leading interior designers.

Transforming their showroom into a Wonderland, the hosts crafted an enchanting ambiance to captivate and delight their guests. Against this backdrop of wonder, attendees were invited to partake in a celebration of women's achievements in the design realm. The brunch provided a unique opportunity for women from across the industry to come together, connect, and share their experiences.

Amidst the clinking of glasses and savory delights, candid discussions ensued, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs of women in construction and interior design. Behind the scenes, Cristhian Fong, the visionary force behind Twill and Texture and House of Fixtures, collaborated with his team of talented women to curate an unforgettable experience. Together, they created a space where attendees could discover new products, forge valuable connections, and celebrate their shared successes.

A standout feature of the event was the flower bouquet arrangement activity, led by the esteemed Nicole, founder of Pozy Flowerist. Guests indulged their creative spirits, crafting bespoke floral arrangements to adorn their homes and offices, serving as cherished souvenirs of the occasion. In summary, Twill and Texture, House of Fixtures, and Pozy Flowerist orchestrated a brunch celebration that was both enchanting and empowering.

Beyond the delectable fare and charming decor, the event served as a tribute to the remarkable contributions of women in the design industry. As Miami emerges as a hub for female designers, gatherings like these provide a vital space for connection, inspiration, and celebration.

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