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Dafne's Little Secret: Vegan Milk Bar

Model: Dafne Evangelista

photographer: Márcio Amaral

Hair Stylist: @vincentpel 

Wardrobe Styling and Creative Direction: Liandra Salles

words: Dr. Cybil Bonhomme

Make-up Artist: | @julia.pbeauty

Dafne's talent and passion for the beauty industry began in Brazil, where she was inspired by her mother, hairstylist Marta Evangelista. She moved to Miami in 2009 with her passion for hair and beauty and worked hard to build a brand that eventually led her to work with international celebrities and influencers. Her drive for creativity

and excellence extends beyond her professional life.

As an ambassador for the Together Band, she aspires to be a voice for a more sustainable planet and considers herself an advocate for women in business. She is a trendsetter who strives to create work that is both inspiring and unique. She is inspired to push the boundaries in the beauty and fashion industries as a creative at heart and a lover of self-expression, and she looks forward to sharing all that is to come with the world. We had the chance to spend the day with Dafne  to learn more about her passion and some awesome vibes she’s got in the making. 

Where are you from and when did you move to Miami? I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil and I moved to the U.S in 2009. 

When was the exact moment you realized that you wanted to be a hairstylist? You know, the "Ah ha!" moment. My mom owned a salon in Brazil so it was something that was practically in me. I started taking more interest around the time I was 10, but I would have to say the “ah ha!” moment came much later. When I turned 23 and started my own career as a hairstylist in the U.S, I knew this is what I was destined to do. 

Tell us, what's the secret to being the best?

Knowledge and not being afraid to play with all the tones and colors. You have to respect the type of hair and the client’s personality and lifestyle. 

Have you had any memorable clients that have made you go, "Ah yes, this is why I do this?"

So many clients have made me feel that way, but it was a big deal when I had to make a color correction on Millie Bobby Brown. She was so happy with my work that her reaction made me feel like, “Wow” I love what I do. I am so lucky to have had so many amazing girls as my clients like Emma Chamberlain, Camila Coelho, Anitta, Elle Macpherson. 

What do you love most about your job? I love when my clients feel beautiful and very secure because of what I've done with their hair. Helping someone gain confidence and help elevate their self-esteem is a big thing for me.  

Have you faced any challenges along your journey? My goodness, where do I begin! First, the fact that I was an immigrant. Everyone was so clicky, so being able to integrate myself in the culture was challenging. Second, I’m a woman. In this industry, it’s usually the men who get all the recognition, get high praise and become the stars.   

Why do you focus solely on female clienteles?

To be honest, I never liked doing men's hair (laughs) and there are times that I start feeling very uncomfortable when some of them start to flirt with me. I mean, come on! 


But mainly, it goes back to the concept of self-esteem and how I am able to help women. I can tell sometimes a client would come in feeling blah and look like they have the weight of the entire world on their shoulders. Then throughout our session they start to talk about their day and start to loosen up. It becomes like a therapy session. Then when they see their hair and light up with joy….it really means the world to me.  

Spill the tea... any celebrities you've enjoyed

hairstyling the most? YES!!! Camila Coelho, Olivia Culpo, Bebe Rexha, Camila Cabello, Candice and Anitta.

Shifting gears a bit. Talk to us about your love of sustainability. Nowadays, I am more conscious about sustainability since I started to work with a brand called JVN. I’ve learned how important it is to take good care of our world. I prioritize working with clean brands and I drive an electric car. 


A little birdie told us about a coffee corner with a vegan milk bar you have in the works. Please tell us more. Awww YES!!! I had always loved the idea of having a coffee corner in my salon. I stopped drinking cow milk like forever ago and became a big lover of nuts. I put nuts in everything. My coffee, my smoothies and the taste is just insanely delicious! So I thought, why not open a spot that offers coffee made with fresh plant milk. There are no chemicals, no preservatives and it’s super healthy. 

Do you follow a vegan lifestyle? To be honest, not really. I do admire people who decide to, but I wouldn't label myself as a vegan. I have some days where I’ll eat a vegan based meal and then others where my palette tells me otherwise. I do have to say, though, I feel really good when I eat! (laughs).

Any vegan beauty products you like to use? I do. Milk, Rose Inc, JVN and Biossance to name a few. 


Let's get a little personal. You can only pack 3 things and bring 1 person with you. Who are you taking and what are you packing? A cool comfy sandal from Bottega, a pair of jeans and a white shirt. For sure I am bringing my son to have the best time exploring a new city! 

If you had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? Bread. 


Your fav spots in Miami? I would have to say, my house, beach day at Faena, my salon (haha)

Sadelles for breakfast, Mandolin for lunch and dinner, Carbone for the best pasta night.

What's a quote or (motto) that you live by? There is no growth without discipline!

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