December 15, 2020

Home decor, Home design, Interior Design Trends for 2021, Miami Vibes Magazine

Home and design trends in Miami are a fusion of culture and modernity. Trends are influenced by the culture of a place, as well as its vibes. Such as Miami being associated with Miami Beach and the sunshine, fresh breezy feel of Florida. Below are a few home and design trends that continue to be on the rise in Miami. Let's have a look at the recent

trends in home and design.

Neutral Palettes

For light to replicate the effect for the classic Florida and Miami feel, neutral palettes are ideal. Calm whites, blues, grays, or greens all make welcoming walls and set a breezy atmosphere for the incoming air and light.

Floral and Geometric Patterns

Nature is ideal when replicated in the form of decorative art. For home decor, you decorate neutral surroundings with floral or geometric patterns. For instance, you can go for cushions or lampshades with tiny floral or geometric patterns.

A Touch of Glam

To make a few things pop, you can add products that shimmer and shine. Think about the Miami beach when you do. The way the sun is glistening on the waters and the grains of sand.

Home decor, Home design, Interior Design Trends for 2021, Miami Vibes Magazine

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Plenty of mirrors are perfect if your home has gardens. Large mirrors can create the illusion of the entire space being magically transported to a tropical island.

All the above trends never go out of style, particularly in Miami due to the influence of the sandy, soothing Miami beach. Coastal designs are inspired by the beaches in Florida, in particular Miami. So the best way to go is to keep things simple and add a few elements that can complement the neutral setting and light. You can achieve this by adding home decor that has different kinds of textures. Additionally, you can look at the works of these wonderful interior designers in Miami for more inspiration.