March 02, 2021

Celebrity Owned Miami Restaurants in 2021

Celebrity Owned Restaurants in Miami

Miami has quite a few celebrity owned restaurants ready to cook up a dish leaving your taste buds yearning for more.

Here are some that are owned by some of the best chefs in the world:

Scott Conant’s Scarpetta


Scott Conant is a chef, cookbook author, James Beard Award recipient, and a judge on the cooking television game show Chopped. His restaurant Scarpetta is located in lots of different places in America including Las Vegas, the Hamptons, and Miami. 


At the restaurant located in Miami, Conant creates dishes that are inspired by the Florida landscape. His classic spaghetti twirled with tomato sauce and basil is also available at the restaurant. Some other dishes that you can eat at Scarpetta include foie gras, roasted branzino with sunchokes and eggplant, and yellowtail crudo.

Pharrell’s Swan & Bar Bevy


The American singer and rapper Pharrell Williams teamed up with David Grutman, electronic music enthusiast and owner of several nightclubs, to create Swan & Bar Bevy. It’s located in Miami’s Design District and offers a menu created by executive chef Jean Imbert. Jean Imbert promotes “clean eating” in the restaurant "Swan" and drinks are available at "Bar Bevy" which is located on the second floor. The cocktail lounge on the second floor has a completely different vibe so don’t forget to check that out whenever you visit the restaurant.

Michael Schwartz’ Food and Drink


Michael Schwartz won a James Beard Award for Best Chef in the South. He’s the owner of Genuine Hospitality group and he’s written two cookbooks – Michael’s Genuine Food: Down-to-Earth Cooking for People Who Love to Eat and Genuine Pizza: Better Pizza at Home. 


The restaurant is located in the Design District. Schwartz mostly uses local ingredients to prepare his food