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Westland Mall hosts high energy, high flying breakdance show

The Creative.  August  12, 2022

Breakdancing to make its official debut at 2024 Paris Olympic Summer Games

Toprock and downrock, fast as lightning footwork, power moves, freezes and more
were are part of the free high energy show by instructors and students from BREAKINMIA,
Miami’s only breakdancing school, on Saturday, July 30 from 2-4 p.m. at Westland Mall and again this past weekend. 

Always wanting to support local talent, Westland Mall was excited to showcase the instructors
and students of BREAKINMIA, founded by Miami native Sergio Garcia. The show will featured live breakdance performances, dance battles, TikTok challenges and giveaways from various Westland Mall retailers.

“It’s important to spotlight a locally owned business like BREAKINMIA, who are inspiring youth to follow their dreams and passions,” said Anabel Llopis, Regional Marketing Director for
Centennial. “And supporting a potential Olympic hopeful is a wonderful way to showcase the
City of Hialeah.”

The performance also served as an introduction to

the sport of breakdancing and a recentOlympic announcement. “With breakdancing making its official debut at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, BREAKINMIA is at the forefront of creating innovative opportunities and platforms for the community through HipHop and exposing the youth to its positive outlets,” said BREAKINMIA’s marketing team.


“Zeku, the founder of BMIA, is aimed to be one of USA's most hopeful contenders in 2024.” Aside from opening the school, breakdancing opened many doors for Sergio who has shared the stage with musical artists around the world and in August is once again heading out on tour
with Miami’s own Pitbull.

“We really wanted to do an event at Westland Mall because the mall is the hub of the Hialeah and it is a wonderful place for the students to perform and get the support from the community,” said Sergio.

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