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Black-Owned Restaurants to

Visit in Miami 

Black-Owned Restaurants in Miami

Mesmerizing nightlife, fun beaches, and rich Latin culture are the specialties of Miami. But how can we forget the Miami Food?  One of the most underrated pleasures you can find in Miami is its food because it carries the essence of mixed cultures all around the world. It is the perfect destination for foodies looking to try new flavors and locals who want to experience the best of their city. 


Are you looking for some black-owned restaurant options to visit during your time in Miami? Then we've got your back! Though there are numerous black-owned restaurants in Miami, we have picked the 5 finest restaurants where you can find a variety of eateries. From Indian cuisine to Caribbean favorites, from plant-based food to numerous liquors, there's something for everyone

on this list that we have covered in this article below!

Lorna’s Caribbean & American Grill

When Matari Bodie and Lorna Westmoreland, a mother-daughter team, had to relocate their restaurant from one section of Miami Gardens to another, they transformed their small take-out spot into one of the most beautifully designed restaurants in all of Miami-Dade County. Lorna's, known for its AMAZING OXTAILS, offers a one-of-a-kind menu that combines the soulfulness of African-American cooking with the spice and flavor of the Caribbean islands of Jamaica and the Bahamas!

Black-Owned Restaurants in Miami

Drinking Pig BBQ

Chef Raheem Sealey and his dynamic team (which includes his surrogate brother, Chef Mark Wint, and his lovely wife, Chef Yohanir Sandoval) have worked tirelessly to elevate Miami's BBQ scene to national acclaim. While space, fire ordinances, and outdated county policies may make the early pits of Liberty City, Overtown, Hialeah, and even Miami Gardens impossible to replicate in Miami-Dade County today, Raheem has not only brought back the nostalgia of the long-gone roadside pits, but has exceeded the expectations of those of us old enough to remember their incredible offerings.

Black-Owned Restaurants in Miami

Peter Thomas has effectively incorporated Miami Beach's sophistication and glamour with the homestyle cooking of the deep south and the Caribbean. Through a creative and bold cocktail program, he has created an outstanding menu with a strong nod to South Beach's world-renowned bar scene.

Black-Owned Restaurants in Miami

800° Woodfired Kitchen

As one of only two Black-owned restaurants in Aventura (the other is an amazing sub shop called Ike's Subs), 800° is one of the city's best restaurants. Chef Eddie has outdone himself with this location, churning out a grilled Lamb neck that leaves you craving for more. The ribs, Dwyane Wade burger, half rotisserie chicken, and cocktails are all outstanding. Thanks to Mr. Joey Sabato, the space is classy and beautifully decorated, and the drinks are the best in all of northern Miami-Dade County! Former Miami Heat stars Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem have collaborated with Chef Eddie Donoso to create an incredible meal.

Black-Owned Restaurants in Miami
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