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Beauty behind the Lens

Miami fashion photographer, Olga Karpenko (known to her friends and family as Olly), is originally from Kiev Ukraine. She has lived in the Magic City for the past twelve years, quoting “Miami stole my heart.” Olly is always seeking to perfect her craft by practicing and learning new things about photography. Her morning ritual consists of sipping a cup of coffee while perusing through an assortment of magazines she has subscribed to in order to gather inspiration from.

Olly’s advice to starting photographers was that, “ there is no perfect photograph and there is no perfect camera lens. Use the gear that you’ve got and focus on building the skills you need to improve on. Only when your skills have gone above and beyond that you will need to upgrade!” Olly's interest in photography peaked when she joined a photographer clube. “The positive motivation and the vibe around me really triggered me to want to pursue something in photography.”

As a stylist and designer, Olly offers her clients the whole package including styling, wardrobe and studio session. When asked what the most challenging part about being a photographer has been for her Olly replied, “I haven’t encountered any challenges. I love what I do and even if I work 24/7 it makes me happy.


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