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48 Hours in Miami: Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to Do 

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We have done the digging for you! Here is what you can do on the weekend in Miami.

Where to Stay

As far as your residence is concerned, it depends on what you like. But here are some options.


The Miami Beach edition is an amazing hotel. The view is great AND it has a pool. You can spend some time along with the pool and enjoy the weather. But as you are only out for the weekend - you should spend more time doing things you like rather than staying at the hotel.


You can also book an Airbnb as it is safer than a hotel during COVID. However, you will have to cook for yourself and there will be no room service available. But, as far as comfort is concerned, tourists say that Airbnb is a better option.

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Where to Eat

For your cravings - here are some restaurants!

For Breakfast

Versailles Bakery



When it comes to breakfast - you cannot go wrong with Versailles Bakery. Versailles Bakery is a must when you are visiting Miami! There is a lot of variety of baked goods, and their Tres Leches is the absolute best. This place is known as the Most Famous Cuban Restaurant, serving tasty Cuban cuisine

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For Lunch

Pizza De Miami

As you are on a weekend getaway, there is not much time. So, you can grab some pizza from Pizza De Miami or a quick lunch from any takeaway. You can spend that extra time exploring something new. On top of this, many restaurants look the best during the night. So, save those extra bucks and time for dinner.

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For Dinner

The Garden House

After a long day, you will like a calm place. Therefore, The Garden House is an amazing option to consider. They have a diverse menu and great ambiance. On top of this, the restaurant is particular about following the COVID guidelines - so you will feel safer while having your food.

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There are many places in Miami but nothing is better than a beach getaway. You can get yourself a rug or mat and enjoy a beach picnic with your loved ones.


Speed Boat Tour


You can go on a speed boat tour. You will not regret all that thrill with a view. The boat will take you around the shore but in speed (pun intended).

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More fun


A fun activity is the Supercar Driving Experience. You will have to pay an upfront fee and enjoy a ride in your favorite luxury car.


You can either consider these options or customize your trip according to your liking. But do not forget to relax. Even if you just stay at your hotel - make it enjoyable.

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