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Holiday Season Annual Art Gala, date: Date 15th, 2021
Location: HYDE beach, SLS Hotel, SB.
December 15, 2021   vibes around town, gallery

Art Bound Miami - organization run by Yoeli Goldstein, hosted Holiday Season Annual Gala event at HYDE, SLS South Beach. ABM is relatively new concept that the founder came up with during the Covid-19 lockdowns. The mission of this organization is to highlight the ever expanding contemporary art scene that is so thriving in Miami and to give it an adequate recognition and opportunity. Yoeli Goldstein wants to give the local emerging visual artists, designers and performers a chance to shine and share their talent with the world. Miami's vibrant culture is so unique, so diverse, so multicultural that it must be given a well deserved stage. The event attracted about 500 guests from all walks of life, united by their love and appreciation for all sorts of creative endeavors. This event was a great way to end Miami’s art week while giving a stage and opportunity to younger, emerging artists that didn’t have a chance to show at the Art Basel.

DJ Simone Vitullo was spinning at the mixing board while 8 year old artist Ashellie Princess was drawing live. There were over 20 other local artists and designers showing their works: Ian VonderHaff, Anastasia Sikar, Giuseppe Annunziata, Ivanna Briz, Lindsey Brown, Mohammed Sabagh, Domenica Rossi, Monika Jones, Sasha Dubrovskaya, Joseph Skala, Eva Schultz, Chris Borchetta, Billy Jodhnson, Klara Lima, George Kandelaki and Katey Jay to mention a few. The evening was hosted by Estelle Ohayon, CEO and Art Curator of NFT BAZL who made an inspirational speech right before a heartwarming musical performance by Valentina Pope.

The highlight of the night was the unveiling of a new artwork,- Supreme Love by Miami’s rising pop art star, anonymous artist Sans Sucre. Artwork was unveiled by Jeniya Penrod and a special guest, Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt who is also launching her own NFT.

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