January 31, 2021

Interior Design in Miami

Carole Carr is a designer who’s been working in residentialand commercial interior design for over 10 years. Her firm is based in Los Angeles. Carr was born in Montreal, Canada and moved to Los Angeles 12 years ago so she could be with her husband, whom she grew up with in Canada. Carr received the James Northcutt Scholarship for Interior Design when she was enrolled in UCLA’s Interior Architecture and Design Program.

Carole Carr

Carr has a bachelor’s degree in Economics that she received from Montreal’s Concordia University. She wasn’t always an interior designer. She started her career in the automotive industry. When she was living in Montreal, she was helping her family run their business. During this time, she got the chance to work with high-end customers which helped her learn a lot

about client management and client relations. She also learned how to manage budgets.


Do you think your skills or the things you learned in the automotive industry helped you when you transitioned to interior design? Absolutely. Working in